Should there be tax increases for the lower and middle classes?

  • I'd like to see that no one has to pay increased taxes.

    However, with the current state of the debt as well as the proliferation of entitlement programs, one group of citizens cannot bail out the entire country. If a person is receiving some sort of government benefits, the person should pay. This includes everything from roads to medical cards, etc.

  • No Tax Increases for the lower and middle class!

    Americans are the most taxed people on the planet! The cost of living has consistently gone up over the past 30 years, and the tax rates have gone up too! But, without a doubt the wage to cost of living ratio is continually getting more lob sided. In this time, employers have frozen wage increases in the middle and lower class jobs, or just eliminated these positions altogether. The people that benefit the most at tax time, over and over again, are the upper class and rich. It's time this practice stops and there is equal tax paid all around.

  • Higher Taxes on Lower and Middle Class Create a Vicious Cycle

    Tax increases for the lower and middle class will not improve our economy. It is my belief that the only way to fix our economy is to increase the taxes for the wealthy upper class. By increasing taxes on the lower and middle class we create a vicious cycle where these people who already barely make enough money to get by on a daily basis (if they do at all) will be stuck struggling to provide for themselves and their families. Since they will not have enough money for school, they will stay stuck with the same dead-end jobs while the rest of the country sneers at them to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps. There is a reason why Robin Hood is a legendary hero.

    Many believe that trickle down economics works to help create jobs and bring down taxes. However, when you think about it, the wealthy who do not need to pay taxes and have enough money to provide for their families, probably also have enough staff already and people they trust to take care of their property and businesses. Many probably won't be looking to hire any time soon out of a pool of people who are not considered the "elite." That being said, all of these new jobs that were expected to be created due to trickle down economics have not been created. This way, the rich will just keep getting richer, and the lower and the middle class will continue to struggle.

  • No, there should be a decrease.

    Most lower and middle class families are barely making it now. If taxes are increased, we'll see more families plunged into poverty. We'll also see higher crime rates, even in formerly safe neighborhoods. People are already getting desperate. Increasing taxes on folks who already can't pay their bills is not, and never has been the solution.

  • No There Shouldn't Be An Increase

    There should not be a tax increase for the lower and middle class. Why would you tax them even more? Also, there is no middle class anymore so this would just be a tax on the poor. If you're going to raise taxes on someone do it on the rich.

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