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  • This is a step... IN REVERSE!!!!

    There is no reason to tax the Internet. We already pay our isp money, why should there be more money needed? Besides, people can proxy out of a tax if needed. The Internet is a free library for everyone from a teacher, to hardcore gamers. We pay enough taxes already, why pay for what we use?

  • There should be no taxation on the Internet

    The Internet is not something that I believe should have taxes on it. There are already taxes in place on consumers access to the Internet, and adding a new tax would do nothing for consumers and benefit nobody but the government and large corporations. If anything, taxes need to be lowered on access to the Internet to allow this ultimate tool of information sharing to spread even further.

  • No - the internet does not belong to one country or person

    There should be no tax on the Internet as it is not the property or asset of a single entity (person or corporation.) Further, there is no way t properly calculate the value of the Internet to individuals, so any taxes would be arbitrary and could be grossly over- or under-taxed. As a resource of useful information the Internet should be free. That way, its value can be accessed by any.

  • No, atleast internet should remain tax free

    I don't think there should be taxes on the internet. If it happens the internet usage would drop significantly because mostly people use this service as there are no extra or hidden charges when you go online. Furthermore, we already pay for the internet service that we acquire so why should there be any further taxes.

  • No, there should not be taxes on the internet.

    There should never be taxes on the Internet, ever. The Internet was invented as a way to transmit and link to stored data everywhere on Earth almost instantly as a way to further our knowledge. That is like charging people a certain percentage to look up books in the library. The Internet was invented as free and should always stay free.

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