• Yes please, guys!

    I think it would be a brilliant idea to incorporate team debates! Every person could have half the number of characters allocated to that round.
    E.G. The round is 10,000 characters, each person has 5,000 characters to use up.

    Changing it would be easy, too. I will be "the Instigators" and "the Contenders". I see no reason why we shouldn't.

  • Yes sure, it learns to be self confident

    Using debates in the classroom provides students the opportunity to explore real-world topics and issues. Debates also engage students through self reflection and encourage them to learn from their peers. Finally, debates prepare students to be more comfortable engaging in dialogue related to their beliefs as well as their areas of study. By participating on a debate team, students learn the art of persuasion. Students also benefit from the experience of speaking in public, in addition debates increases students' academic performance.

  • Oh Yeah there should!

    Can you imagine the fun of team debating!
    It is a fun way of getting to know others while debating on what they believe in together. DDO should definitely let debaters here do this. They already added polls here so why not team debating, its honestly worth a try. And it would be fun.

    Posted by: Ver
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