• This would be awesome

    I know some people have already done this but through a complicated set of separate debates that require judges to go through 3 different ones just to vote on a separate fourth. Having an actual template for team debates would be awesome. Being able to debate as a sport online would be pretty awesome. I said awesome 4 times now. AWESOME

  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

    I LOVE this idea, and strongly encourage the site developers to add it.

    As @THsea stated, novices teaming up with more seasoned debates would be an awesome learning experience, and would be really fun. I can already imagine certain "ideal groups" being created, and those that have clashing ideals, have an official team debate. Again, sounds really fun, and is worth a try.

  • I second, it would be fun!

    It would also encourage collaboration, if a novice (like me!) were to be teamed with a more knowledgeable debater... It would really help the learning curve.

    I think it could be a nice way to raise the ability of debaters and a wonderful learning tool for those who joined this site to learn about debating (like me!).

  • Would be fun!

    Personally, I think a format with team debates would be cool to have on the debate website. Imagine having your best friend debates with you on the same topic with the same position, while someone else on the opposing sides argues with his teammate.

    I think it would be fun, and also promote a form of alliance battle between numerous debaters. What are you guys thought about this?

  • Could be great, put would probably suck

    Sounds like a great idea, but I think it could backfire, people will get pissed at teammates, some teamates might not try or miss their deadlines. I like the concept but the implementation and the actual reality of it could be messy. In some debates it will work, but in others it wont.

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AveragePerson says2015-11-22T04:49:06.940
Interesting idea