Should there be term limits on Senate seats?

Asked by: Haroush
  • Yes there should

    Do you see the people in our senate now? Haha yes there should be term limits just like there is to be president. I think once the president leaves we get new people in. And it should be 50/50 democrat and republican that way they have to actually negotiate and get there stuff done!

  • As it was intended to be

    The founding fathers never considered someone becoming a career politician. They considered the work honorable unto itself something of service that once completed you would return home to your job. The career politicians are the reason we are where we are now, they put getting elected prior above serving the people

  • Some senators have been in there for decades!

    Why should anyone be able to stay in the government this long? Everyone is talking about the presidential term limits, what about the senate term limits? I know they must have limits and if they do how many terms are they able to serve? And why so many terms? What gives senators more of right to serve more terms than any other politician?

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Haroush says2013-11-17T02:32:44.217
All come on. I know there has to be someone out there who is in favor of their favorite senators staying in the government some extra long years.