• Yes, absolutely banks should have tighter regulations.

    Banks have been doing whatever they choose to do at the expense of the general public and the good of the country. What the public needs to restore trust is greater transparency and standardized practices that are above board and unquestionably honest. Banks need to know that they are not too big to fail and persons responsible for dishonest actions will be held accountable for misuse of funds.

  • Tighter bank security, better service.

    The better the security on banks, in my opinion, the safer services can promise transactions. I have used Amazon and Target via my parent's cards (they make the payments and I give them my money) and we have had to deactivate cards due to hacking. With tighter security, hacking would happen less often.

  • It makes sense.

    All of the world's economies are now collected under an umbrella of globalisation. Therefore, it makes sense that an international body should be allowed to set basic regulatory standards for banks across the world as immoral or poor practice in one institution in one country could have repercussions across the globe.

  • Banks should have tighter regulations internationally

    Banks should have tighter regulations internationally. This is because there are still many ways that crooks can make money by cooking the books. If closer and tighter regulations are held, then it is tougher for white collar criminals to get away with breaking the rules and taking money from unsuspecting people, governments, and companies.

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