Should there be tougher punishments for child offenders?

  • Yes there should be tougher punishment for child offenders

    People need to know that child sex abuse is NOT to be tolerated under any circumstance. They need to know that IF they are caught abusing a child like that, they will face MAJOR prosecution under the law without exception. It is the best way to deter such crime from taking place in my opinion, we need to make the punishment not worth the crime. So yeah there should be tougher punishment for child offenders.

  • We Must Do A Better Job of Protecting Our Children

    Yes, there should be tougher punishments for child offenders. Anyone convicted of a serious offense against a child should be required to spend the rest of his or her life in prison with no chance of parole. Child offenders cannot be sent to prison, rehabilitated and then released into society. This flaw that makes them perform acts against children cannot be erased by therapy. A tougher punishment would serve as a deterrent and significantly decrease these acts before they occur. Someone would be less likely to commit the crime if they knew, without a doubt, they would never be released from prison.

  • Only for Serious Crimes

    Child offenders should be given harsher treatment, but only for serious crimes. Younger children may not know the difference between right and wrong. Teenagers are where the most gray area exists. Punishments should also be included for parents if it is determined that children acted out due to something learned from a mother, father or legal guardian. Tougher punishments should include counseling with licensed psychologists to help rehab children back into normal society.

  • Why is this even a question?! Yes! Death penalty would be appropriate.

    Pedophilia is the worst crime a person could ever commit! Children 12 and under shouldn't be used as sexual toys. Why would anyone want to give that type of person any more chances to rape or molest a child?? It's the sick weirdos out there who don't think it's a big deal or should just be a little smack on the hand. Child or not, if there is a child victim under 12 involved, the accused (should they be found guilty) should NEVER be released from prison. They should have the same thing done to them in prison! Eye for an eye. C'mon people!! Protect our children! When did the line between sex and children become so fine? It's should be a mile wide.

  • Yes there should be

    These children and teenagers (although they may not have realized what they are doing) have ruined another child's life, someone who would have been a productive and lovable person, who could one day grow up and have a great life, all for no reason. It is only fair to give the same treatment back to the offender, and make sure they don't ruin someone else's life after. They may leave thinking the punishment was some joke

  • No there shouldnt

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  • No, there shouldn't.

    I don't think that child offenders need tougher sentences, because I don't think that long sentences deter crime very well. I believe that kids and teenagers who continually commit crimes come from troubled homes and that they need some councilling and rehab. It may be that they could improve with some positive influences in their lives.

  • There should be no harsh punishments for youth offenders

    Infancy is one of the most effective laws in the united states court system. Children can't be held accountable for crimes because they do not have the understanding of what they are doing. Harshly punishing them would be very bad for society, and it would destroy the lives of kids who otherwise may have lived productive lives.

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