Should there be tougher punishments for drunk drivers?

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  • Drunk drivers are a nuisance

    Drunk drivers are pathetic individuals who are totally worthless. The way to stop drunk drivers from killing again is to lock them up and throw away the key. Drunk drivers are an accident waiting to happen. Drivers had the choice to get a designated driver. If people want to get drunk at Home and stay home until the alcohol wears off that is also an option.

  • Drunk drivers are s nuisance

    Drunk drivers are are pathetic individuals who are totally worthless. They should never be free after a life is lost in the process of them being drunk behind the wheel. Drunk drivers who cause two fatalities usually get a slap on the wrist. Public safety is the number one priority and people who are a drunk driver and kill are basically murderers that should be sentenced to prison and never get out.

  • Yes! They need to be punished!

    They are putting so many lives in danger as well as their own by driving. It's as though they do not have a brain! They're thoughts and actions are very delayed and they need to be taught a lesson that this is not okay. So many innocent people are killed every day because of this and it is NOT fair or okay in any way at all. In just the United States 28 people a day die from drunk driving. 28 PEOPLE A DAY!!!!! That's one death every 51 minutes! C'mon people, we're better than that. This NEEDS to STOP!

  • Drunk driving is really bad.

    If there is someone driving and they don't watch where they're going, someone might get hit and die! They really should be harsher penalties. If the cost for drunk driving stays the same, people might not care. The world will be in danger and everyone can die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why they really should have harsher penalties while driving.

  • Drunk driving changes so many lives in so many ways.

    Even if you don't get into an accident while driving drunk, which is unlikely, there was still a big chance of getting into an accident and severely injuring/killing someone. The reason that people drink with out a plan on how to get home could be because the penalty is to low and they don't care about the fine. If the punishments are higher, people might care about other people's lives as well as their own and have a plan before they become to drunk to drive.

  • DUI Homicide should always be at least second degree murder

    When someone consumes alcohol they are knowingly hindering their functions. Drinking alcohol is almost always a premeditated action. Before someone buys a drink or is given one the person must make a decision to drink it. Any reasonable person would ask themselves, "do I need to drive later?" If someone that has consumed alcohol gets behind the wheel of a car, that is a premeditated action. And as such the person knows of the consequences of drunk driving and is alright with it. Before they took a drink the person has said, "I will drive home and I could possibly kill someone." It is a decision made while in a good state of mind. Killing someone while drunk driving is as much premeditated murder as planning to go to your neighbors house in two days and put a bullet in their head. The only difference is the culprit doesn't know which victim or how many victims they intend to kill, because driving drunk is driving to kill.

  • They CHOSE to drive drunk

    They, of their own free will, chose to drive drunk. They chose to get drunk. They chose to start drinking, and in so doing, chose to put their drunken mind in charge of their body. They could have easily taken precautions before drinking. They made the choice to seriously endanger the lives of others, and we should not make it easy to commit that crime again, any more than we should make it easy to repeat randomly spraying bullets around with an assault rifle.

  • YES! Quit Wrecking Lives.

    I believe that drinking and driving is very dangerous. Not only could/do you severely injure yourself but every person around you is in danger. And these innocent people haven't done anything wrong. So why take away someone's daughter, son, cousin, best friend or parent? All because YOU weren't thinking because YOU made the decision to get intoxicated? And were not stupid we know when were intoxicated what could happen if we get behind the wheel. So therefore I think absolutely yes there should be stronger penalties. Because we know the consequences of drinking and driving, but if you do it anyways and hurt/kill somebody ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! The person that got injured didn't ask for you to do that, and not only could you take their life or their right to ever walk again but you tear apart families, and I don't think its fair that the drunk person could get out of jail before the victim gets out the hospital, so to end my case with that, yes I DEMAND a stronger penalty for drunk drivers.

  • It can ruin lives

    If there is tougher punishments for drunk drivers, They will have to live in jail for long time. Also, They will have to spend a lot of money. This means, They should give money for other people who got hurt or died by their drunk driving and of the punishment from police. They also have their family but if they can't meet each other, The family of drunk driver will have ruined lives. According to, Observetoday, The overall cost of such a conviction is probably around $10, 000! IF they have to ruin their lives, They won't be able to dream for the rest of the lives.
    (But, Please no drunk driving please! )

  • NO! Our laws are crazy!

    MADD has pushed for tougher penalties out of revenge. Incredibly, they have succeeded in manipulating the minds of lawmakers. It shows how anyone can be brainwashed into doing harmful things against mankind when it is based on prejudice and ignorance. MADD has two former Presidents who have been arrested for drunk driving. MADD has been accused of dishonest portrayal of data. Don't believe them. Drunk driving isn't that dangerous. It's when it is in combination with speeding, texting, etc., that an accident could occur.

  • Alcoholism is NOT a Choice - It's a Disease

    Alcoholism is a disease for which there is no cure. Treatment should be required based on the b.A.C. Society should accept alcoholism as a disease and start by waiving fines for drunk driving and letting the defendant afford treatment. Punishment only causes more drunk driving because treatment was not affordable.

  • There Should Be DUI Reform

    The DUI Process doesn't work. Most alcoholics don't go through a treatment program on the first offense because social drinkers get off easier in court. The alcoholic continues to drink, then drives drunk again. Tougher punishments only anger an alcoholic into relapsing. A more compassionate approach is necessary. Two former MADD Presidents have been caught driving drunk. One was a Deputy Police Chief. Those two should receive the most severe punishment of all, not the average guy.

  • Tougher Penalties Cause DUI's

    The more hardship imposed on drunk drivers, the more likely they will repeat the offense. They can't get jobs, so what the heck? Might as well drink! When problem drinkers drink, they drive drunk. It's time we treated alcoholism and drug addiction as the diseases they are and make sure defendants get treatment, jobs and a better life. As long as there is no accident, then so what? No harm done. Stop harming those who caused no harm. It's barbaric.

  • Who gives a flying fudge?

    Drinking and driving bad? Heck no! I do that crap all the time! Is it easy? Well you can say so ive never been caught. Drinking is fun driving is fun. Why not do them together. You know what i feel alittle driving and drinking in my system tonight. Yum yum! Yall need to try this. F madd. They are taking my freedom. Im going to continue what i do. So do what you do boo. Im going to go buy me henessy on the rocks tonight. Hide your kids , hide your wives. Cause im driving everywhere out here.

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  • Not a choice when mentally impaired

    Drunk drivers do not necessarily knowingly drive drunk. Many are just slightly above the legal limit. Some are alcoholics and are so intoxicated they don't know how they ended up driving. Some are in a blackout. If there isn't an accident (as most drunk driving incidents don't result in an accident), then let the defendant spend time and money in rehab, not on silly fines, community service, etc. Not to mention the exorbitant cost of hiring a lawyer to defend an uneventful case. The event should be that a problem drinker has been identified. The real tragedy is that the legal costs of a DUI/DWI often prohibit a sick person from getting well. They are destined to repeat the offense without proper treatment. Speeders are sober and kill as many innocent people as drunk drivers. Sober drivers kill twice as many people as drunk drivers. Why don't you care about those cases? Is it more fun for you to pick on defendants with a disease? Shame on you!

  • It's All About Prejudice

    Prejudice against alcoholics motivates people to want stiffer penalties. Why don't you feel the same way about other impaired individuals? How about driving-while-elderly? Driving-while-daydreaming? Driving-While-Smoking-A-Cigarette? There are so many TV programs, research studies, government agencies, etc., to help people understand the disease of alcoholism. Rather than accept the science, people want to hurt those who didn't hurt them. We are getting close to finding a solution to help people control their drinking. Just like we have solutions for over-eaters, unhealthy eaters, binge eaters, etc., so that people can still eat, but without harming themselves. Try supporting a research study to find a solution rather than inflicting pain on those who are suffering and are harming themselves, but not you.

  • It's Way Too Severe Already

    MADD pushed for tough laws decades ago. Rather than examine the judicial process and make corrections, they continue to argue for increased penalties. MADD makes money on drunk drivers. Drunk drivers have to pay MADD to attend a victim panel discussion. This does not take the place of addiction treatment and doesn't help society or the drunk driver. Defendants must concentrate on recovery instead of silly court requirements, fines, community service, etc. Addiction is a disease. We are beginning to see the benefits of Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts but still need the funds for more DUI Courts in order to save lives. We must stop this insane attitude towards those addicted and provide the right path to sobriety.

  • These are rubber stamp punishments

    Remove mandatory minimums and let the judges do there jobs. One size does not fit all. Drunk driving is not someone else's problem. About 10% of American drivers have a DUI on their record. Countless others have been injured or killed in DUI accidents. Heavy handed groups like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
    have pushed us into an insane set of DUI laws that ruin innocent lives without making us safer. Drivers encounter a stacked deck masquerading under the name "criminal justice."

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