• Not for ever !!!! School uniforms ???

    The use of uniforms in our schools have continued to gain more and more popularity, and one in every eight American schools have been practicing this. Below are ten reasons to support the agitation for the abolition of school uniforms:

    1. They only serve commercial interests. More and more corporations are lobbying for the requirement of school uniforms because of their limitless profit potentials.

    2. Uniforms slow down development into adulthood. These early days are very important in the development of these students, imposing school uniforms on them denies them the chance to choose what to wear, which is a very important symbol of adulthood.

    3. Uniforms reduce self-esteem. Uniforms never make anyone look his or her best because they had no say in the choice of style and design. Girls are the worst hit by this low self-esteem syndrome due to the use of uniforms.

    4. Uniforms make kids more prone to bullying. Unfortunately, most people believe enforcing the use of school uniforms will reduce the incidences of bullying the students, but this is far from the truth and reality.

    5. Uniforms are quite boring. Wearing school uniforms can make the entire school thing a very boring experience. They ought to be banned totally and gotten rid of for good

    6. Uniforms can make you feel so uncomfortable. Several reasons can be given for the agitation to ban school uniforms, but one that most people can easily identify with is the fact that they are quite uncomfortable to be in all the time.

    7. Uniforms can be quite expensive. There are several other things you can do with the money you spend on school uniforms. The average American student spends at least $249 annually.

    8. School uniforms promotes conformity against personality. Children are raised to break free from all norms and stand out from every crowd in life, but the use of uniforms, do the very opposite to them-conformity.

    9. The first amendment of the US constitution is violated by the use of school uniforms. The first amendment guarantees every American freedom in everything from religion to expression, and imposing a uniform on them is a clear violation of that right.

    10. School uniforms are hated by all. School uniforms should be banned because no one likes to wear them.


  • All children need to

    I think all children in the UK should wear school uniform because they are more likely to do more work in lessons and less likely to look at their clothes which can sometimes waste time and do less work. Children should wear at least a plain shirt and black/grey/dark blue trousers/bottoms (not jeans or other bulky trousers) as the most casual.

  • Safety its a yes

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  • We have to wear unifrom

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  • Uniforms are great

    I believe uniforms are good because some children are more focused about there appearance and forget about their studies.
    Also, Kids would get bullied more and that would just make matters worse.
    Kids also get stressed out with what they are wearing and that will pull them away from whats important and regret about what they focused on at this time when they grow up.

  • Uniforms should be allowed.

    Uniforms could be a way to prevent inappropriate clothes such as short shirts, or baggy jeans. Certain uniforms can prevent students from wearing them.

    Also, if there are uniforms, kids would focus more on their school work, not their clothes. Nowadays, kids spends more time buying clothes and bragging them.

    As I stated above, uniforms should be allowed for student's sake.

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  • Yes and no

    Because students wouldn't get bullied, judged, non-stress, and there would be no competition and or jealousy. Kids should respect how there school works. Some kids can't even go to school. But then again it should be no because kids shouldn't have to change out of there clothes when they get home but...

  • Its best yes

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  • Yes there should be uniform in schools

    I am for uniform. Uniform helps to prevent gangs from forming on a campus, it encourages discipline, helps students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes, help identify intruders in the school, diminish economic and social barriers between students, increase a sense of belonging and school pride, and will improve attendance. While wearing uniform will also help to prevent of the national school problems. For instance sagging of the pants in school from boys.

    If not wearing uniform students will wear shark heavy jewelry, to short skirts and shorts, and will have inappropriate clothing for school. A uniform will have an effect on behavior towards other students because they’re will be less bullying about how everyone dress and what they wear and where they buy it. The teachers also will receive respect from some of the children because a change in wardrobe is a change in behavior for certain students.

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  • I think they should not be allowed

    They can restrict a student from expressing themselves and their personality through clothing, Also, Schools can also have a dress code that has a certain number of strikes befor the student gets a punishment or two days of no uniform every week or so and normal clothing might be more comfy than uniforms

  • I don't like uniforms ONE BIT

    Uniforms are the worst when it comes to expression and some don’t look that good and from what i heard it breaks the first amendment which states that people should express themselves in any way the want. Uniforms can be very uncomfortable and not many kids like them. Students never have a choice. They are forced to wear the same thing every single day and kids get tired of it.

  • No uniforms allowed

    Students shouldnt have to wear uniforms. They are so uncomfortable, and distract you, when wearing your own choice of clothing you can concentrate more because your comfortable. Wearing your own clothes also allows you to express your self and show off your own unique personality, not only that but u wont get sick of your uniforms anymore, they treat us like we are prisioners when they make us wear uniforms!!!!!!!!

  • The first amendment of the US Constitution.

    Enforcing uniforms on kids/people is going against their first amendment right as an american. This amendment basically states that everyone has the right to express themselves freely, regardless if its their religion, their likes and dislikes, or the clothes they wear. Also, some kids have a unique size. And those unique sizes could cost their families more money. It really is unfair that in some schools, in order to receive education they need to dress a certain way,

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  • No uniform needed


  • They are ugly

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