Should there be universal background checks for gun purchases?

  • Yes There Should

    If there was background checks there would not have been the New Town shooting. I think that a lot of shootings would not have happened if there were background checks. I hate the people that have killed innocent people for no reason. I think that with background checks more than 1,000,000 lives would have been saved.

  • Positively, universal background checks are a necessity.

    I continue to hear how background checks will not catch the criminals, gangs and individuals buying firearms on the black market. I don't recall hearing that the shootings and massacres that led to universal backgrounds were individuals who were existing criminals, gang members or individuals who bought firearms illegally. The shootings were committed by mental ill individuals who were either not entered into the NCIS and among thousands of records waiting for the data entry queen or mentally individuals allowed to live in an environment where legal guns are present. It is just a darn background check. If you have nothing to hide then who gives a damn that your name is going to be investigated. Just think about it this way.. What if the person they denied happen to be a person that was planning to murder a child, maybe even a child of yours. Wouldn't you rather be safe then sorry and deal with an unnecessary background check? I mean really, its better to have one, than not at all.

  • Yes, There Should

    There is no logical reason for there not to be universal background checks. If guns are considered dangerous enough that someone buying one from a gun store needs to pass a background check, then buying one at a gun show should be no different. Safety is paramount in this country and better background checks will help achieve that.

  • Positively yes yes yes!

    In the first place too many people have guns so that might be a reason why there are so so many random shootings. Also the "sales person" wouldn't know that that person lets say the "buyer" might have mental problems and might go and run off with the gun and go shoot himself/herself. Also, background checks could prevent violent people from having access to a gun.

  • Absolutely, positively, yes!

    What is the big problem with background checks? If you have nothing to hide, then obviously a background check would not prove otherwise. The nation is screaming with pleas to increase gun control - here is a safe AND smart way to do just that without violating the second amendment.

  • Yes. Its very Obvious.

    There should be background checks on those who buy firearms. Firearms should only be used for self- protection. But even for that, there should be some sort of background check to make sure the costumer is not buying it for anything else. Someone who may have an illness- Mentally or Depression- it may not seem like their is something wrong at all, but that person could buy it kill himself or to harm others. Some crazy person walks in to buy a gun and gets it. Then he kills someone. Who is RESPONSIBLE? Is it the company who sold it to him? Or is it the government? You decide.

  • Insane people are killing our children. Put a stop to it without banning guns and taking ways rights.

    Background checks would catch way more insane people therefore preventing death from shootigs. We need to compromise and help our country deal with our problems. Background checks are a good thing for the people for them to feel safer in their homeland. If we do nothing and let our children get murdered we are all accessories to the crime.

  • Save Everyone, Not Just Yourself

    If you are legally able to have a gun, you will have a gun, no matter how extensive the background checks are. It is absurd to oppose background checks just because of the background checks. There are people wandering this nation with illegal guns with no mercy to the lives of others. Hurting one, hurts all and when the children in your neighborhoods are being threatened with guns and violence on a daily basis, you would do anything to protect them. If there were more extensive background checks, it would be harder for people who misuse guns to reach them and there would be less need for people to have guns to protect themselves.

    An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere, in the words of MLK and to stand around while people are senslessly dying and not just deal with the extra background checks is selfish. Think about crime ridden neighborhoods, think about the children.

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  • Without them people would die more often

    Although background checks are not effective in a way that people could get guns from guns shows and the black market, it still prevents a lot more deaths. More people would be dying because more guns would be sold and used on innocent people. Even if it doesn't stop everything, at least it is something. For all those people wo said no, do you want to kill the country?

  • No, never, it is a horrible idea.

    It infringes upon the second amendment; even more it is in invasion of privacy, Not to mention I don't want my name on a list where they can see the guns I have and how much force it would take to take them from me. We should think about all the people that could look at that list.

  • Un-Effective!

    A universal background check for gun purchases will be a logistical nightmare. The financial costs to implement such a system will be extremely high. Not to mention the enforcement of the law regarding the system, will be very difficult. I think the universal background check system will create a much worse illegal gun problem than we currently have. I think that a universal background check system will be ineffective because the costs to implement it will far outweigh the benefit of it.

  • Background Checks Bad!

    By background checking citizens it will take the rights given to us by the 2nd amendment away. It also denies the right to purchase a gun to people who have made mistakes in the past non-related to gun violence. The government can use registries to locate and seize private weapons.

  • Straw Purchase Sales

    Even if there were background checks on every gun that went through state lines, any person can obtain a gun by either theft, or through straw purchase sales. While not every gun out there has a serial number imprinted on it to see where the gun was used, the ones that do can't always be determined of whether they were obtained legally or illegally. Criminals are not necessarily subject to any gun laws that our federal government happens to come up with.

  • Hasn't worked before, why should it work now

    All of the guns used in recent shootings are guns that can only be purchased on the black market. They are also guns that have high capacity magazines. A few years ago the legislation banned assault weapons, but the definition was too vague and gun companies still made similar guns that were although legal. Gun control in the past hasn't worked.....What would make it different now?

  • 90% of the people polled support it, but 90% of the people polled don't understand it.

    So much misunderstanding; I'm watching a commentator on CNN talking about "the gun show loophole" again and how she can order a firearm and receive it on the Internet without a background check. I've bought and sold scores of firearms and there is only one "loophole" I've ever heard of. It is legal for a person to sell a firearm from their own collection (not for commercial gain as a business), face to face to another person who resides in the same state as long as they can be reasonably sure that person is legal to receive that firearm. This is called a private sale and does occur at gun shows but not nearly as often as we are being made to think. If that person resides in another state, the firearm must go through a dealer who conducts a check; it doesn't matter whether that firearm was purchased through the Internet, in person, shipped, whatever. A check is also conducted if a dealer sells to any person, at a gun show, at their shop, it doesn't matter. Most people don't understand the laws the way they are, how can they say "they support stricter background checks" when they have no basis for their severity now? Want to start somewhere? Many states are not required to report mental health issues which would show up in a background check (ACLU lawsuits and HIPAA laws). You are not strengthening background checks by forcing more requirements on those that already can pass one.

  • There should be a universal firearm registry.

    If the universal background check laws that are motioned into the Senate pass, the government will be able to keep a running list of all legally made firearm sales, and there will be a list of all gun owners. This would end similarly to the case of the New York newspapers publishing the home address of all CCW permit holders, and that is already an invasion of my personal privacy, guaranteed by the fourth amendment. The government has no place in dictating what I can and can't own, much less should they know what I own, and buy in the future.

  • Takes a lot of manpower and money.

    This is giving up a freedom for security. It uses so much money and manpower that takes more than it gives. It doesn't make me feel safe to have this country turn into a police state. Something isn't right with that. I don't think a majority of Americans understand what this actually means. We need more time to debate this.

  • Criminals usually don't buy guns

    They steal guns or buy them on the black market. It is as simple as that.

    As for you selling your firearm, you can always choose to go through an FFL to get a background check on the buyer. It is a responsible option for those looking to sell to a stranger.

  • Criminals will not comply

    About 80% of the time criminals get guns from family & friends or "off the street". These type of transactions will be NEVER be subjected to any background checks, regardless of any law.
    Under current law, any firearm purchased from a dealer (be it at a gun show, pawn shop or at a store), must go through the NICS. Also, any private party can opt to have the purchase handled by a FFL which would include a background check. It’s already a federal felony for any private person to sell, trade, give, lend, rent or transfer a gun to a person they know or should have known is not legally allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm.
    A universal Background Check initially sounds good, but falls short in practical application. It will waste tax payer money and create even more bureaucracy with no significant effect in reducing violent crime.

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