Should there be video cameras in school classrooms?

  • Yes, video cameras should be installed in school classrooms.

    With the ever increasing level of violence in U.S. schools, aggressive steps must be taken to protect students. Included on the list of appropriate strategies is the placement of video cameras in individual school classrooms. The monitoring of classrooms in this way serves as a deterrent to inappropriate and even violent conduct. In addition, video cameras provide the potential for a quicker response to a developing emergency situation.

  • Video games in classrooms would promote good conduct.

    Video cameras in classrooms would encourage students to follow rules of conduct. They would also give school officials a point of reference in determining exactly what takes place in student to student and student to teacher confrontations. In the event a student or teacher is disciplined as a result of bad behavior, they tape can be used as evidence of the reason for disciplinary action.

  • Yes, video cameras help assess potential threats.

    Yes, there should be video cameras in classrooms to help administrators determine who is at fault when a threatening situation arises. Schools face more violent threats now than ever before. Administrators and police need all the evidence they can get to determine whether a student exhibits dangerous behavior toward the teacher or classmates.

  • They already do.

    Children are already forced, by law, into public education assuming their parents cannot afford a private school or homeschooling. If that is not invasive enough, they insist on mandatory attendance, many system going as far as placing tracking devices on their students. These systems- they cheat, the lie, they steal, and they corrupt.

    Are the children of this country so psychologically damaged (by the system itself) that they are suspected of terrorism? We already know that students misbehave; welcome to childhood. But does that give the right to infringe upon their Fourth Amendment rights? Schools already have authority to search students without warrant, to deny them their freedom of speech. Cameras are just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg which lead to the mass indoctrination of the youth in current day- public education.

  • No, the presence of video cameras is disturbing and intimidating

    Placing video cameras in school classroom is one way of ensuring that nothing bad happens during hours. However, there are better ways of controlling behavior and avoiding problems, such as screening of the personnel or encouraging students to talk. In fact, the presence of video cameras may have an adverse effect on some. Knowing about it may intimidate or disturb shy students and dampen teachers' enthusiasm. Building good working relationships with the students is a very personal endeavor and doing it in front of a camera is intimidating.

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