• Yes, there should be video replays for refs in football.

    In football, fans will often complain how bad a refs call is, or how the ref is leaning towards the other team on his/her calls. Replays would help support correct calls in the game making it a better experience for the players and the people watching the game in the stands, or at home.

  • Yes there should.

    Video replays should be made for refs in football. During football plays happen very fast and it can be hard to tell what is going on. When a tough call happens and it is hard to see what is happening than it will be good to have a video replay.

  • Yes, there should.

    Yes. I do believe that there should be video replays available for refs in football. It is silly to make them rely on their own vision or what they believe they saw. We have the ability and the modern technology for replays and we've had it for decades now. It is definitely something that is needed for fair calls.

  • It helps them

    I think that video replays for refs would help them make the right call when it matters. They should not have to go to video replay for everything, but I think it will help them out with some things. It's important to make the right call when the game is on the line.

  • If I can see its a fumble at home, the refs should too.

    It happens in just about every game. A ref makes a call, the cameras catch something the ref could not possibly see. Currently in the NFL, there is a review available with a bunch of rules that apply to that. It is a decent system and will save the lives of many ref's that may make a questionable call now and then.

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