• Multiple religions state that husbands may beat their wife lightly if they do something wrong.

    There is research that proves that women are the weaker gender (men are physically stronger and women are more sensitive)
    Cultural reasons
    Pain stops you from doing the wrong thing/ teaches disabled
    It’s basic human nature to be violent.
    Men are expected to coercive control
    All women should become mothers
    Women experience violence because they are dressed “provocatively”
    Girls are valued as wives not as individuals
    Divorced women have less value
    Men have the right to discipline women for “incorrect” behavior
    There are more important topics that need to be resolved
    Violence can be used to resolve arguments (eg. Hiroshima bombing was violent however it put an end to WWII.

  • No, It is so wrong

    Women are human beings, Too. Also, In today's world, There are many women who are actually stronger than men. If a woman hit a man, Is that unjust. I believe that we have moved past this and into the golden age of women's rights. Pain may stop you from doing what is wrong, But what is wrong is only an opinion. The way the other side is speaking, It is as if women only have one option in life. Lastly, It is a women's body, Therefore, It is her choice to decide if she wants to have a baby or not. This whole topic is just so wrong.

  • No never ever

    I think that if there is something so be about woman think about how they help much more around the house then the men they take more care of the kids with out woman there are no kids men would be nothing with out woman at all they can, T deal with kids like woman do

  • Heck no! Women shouldn't deal with violence

    No one should have violence against them, Not even men so why should there be against women. Women and men are both equal now and neither gender should suffer violence. Why should women suffer violence. We are human beings too. We aren't animals men can command. All women should have rights to be safe and not fear being hurt

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