• Its not hard to get an ID

    I say that if a person is too lazy to get a photo ID than that person is also too lazy to vote. If a person is too stupid to get an id that that person is too stupid to vote. The same goes for those who are too poor to get a photo id.

  • Yes, There should be voter ID laws.

    In my opinion, There should be voter ID laws, and throughout our history the existing voter identification laws have provided the United States with a very clean and transparent electoral system of checking that the voters are registered and at the proper voting location. There is no justification for changing the existing voter identification laws further than the motor voter laws enacted during the Clinton administration.

  • ID is not difficult to get

    At the DMV, a driver's license is $29. This is required to drive a car, something most people need in order to work. It verifies the identity of the driver and the potential voter. A one time fee to both vote and drive is not asking too much, this is perfectly reasonable.

  • There should not be strict voter id laws

    Most attempts at passing voter id laws are thinly veiled attempts at voter suppression. Evidence of cases of voter fraud shows that it is very rare so this is not a valid reason to enact laws that require types of identification that many voters do not have and can not obtain without expenditure of time and money that many citizens do not have.

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