• Many people do not realize the dangers of fried food

    Many people in the Midwest have no acesss to fresh food since the land around them is dry and cannot plant crops. This causes family’s to eat food from the gas station or something. Since there’s a chance that those family’s have not had the ability to compare fresh food to processed food, They usually think that that’s the best they can do. Health labels would make them aware of these problems.

  • Health & allergies

    If someone has diabetes or is on a diet or has an allergy to the food or what it is cooked in they could get seriously sick or even die. People should just put something that tells them or warns them about what is in the food so the don't get sick.

  • Should fried foods com with labels

    Yes because people need to know what their eating and make good choices on if they want to eat it or not. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • There should DEFINITELY be labels on fried food...

    It damages your body and brain in many different ways!!! Fried foods clog arteries and lead to strokes and alzeimers. It clogs veins and artieries can cause heart attacks and aneuryms. If there were labels on fried foods americans would know what there eating and make smart choices about it.

  • It can cause OBESITY

    Warning labels are cruicial for fried food because many people are getting obese from fried foods. Fried foods are usually filled with saturated fat and unwanted calories that causes belly fat and ovesity. If the waarning label is one tyhe packet of fried foodm people could make the smart choice of not eating those kind of food stuff as well as label will show people that the food is not good for you and to stay away from it.

  • Fried foods are ruining America's health

    If fried foods had labels than citizens of America would know what they were eating and make the smart choice of not eating the food. The labels would show people that the food is not good for you and to stay away from it. As one can see, fried foods should have labels.

  • Objection to your reasoning.

    The warning labels would not be mis leading because if put on fried foods that are a health concern to people. I do have to agree that you need food to live, but the don't need fried foods to live. Tell me one food that is fried and good for you.

  • Warning labels should be there

    There are some uneducated people who can afford the fried food , but they do not know about the bad effects of it , so there should be warning labels on fried food packets . Thank you and I hope most people support us regarding this topic. Thank you for giving me a chance.

  • Not at all

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  • No. No labels needed.

    There's no need labels for fried food. I mean where do you put it. On the plate? On the food itself? Fried food doesn't need labels. There's recipes on the boxes, if you're allergic to something check on it. If there's none, ask the one who cooked. I don't really think you need labels for fried food.

  • There should not be warning labels on fast food

    Because there has never been any warning labels on fried food, so why put them on now? People should know that fried food is not healthy for you, but if its that unhealthy that you should put a warning label on it, why do you even sell it. I believe it is very unnecessary and there is no need for one.

  • People make their own decisions

    No one reads the itunes agreement. No one will care. It is a waste of paper. And if you're putting a label on fried food, then you should on candy and everything else unhealthy. People have to make their own choices. That's what the world is meant for. Freedom of choice.

  • Fried Chicken For Example

    I don't want to be eating a piece of KFC chicken and realize that theres a "CAUTION: MAY CHOKE OR MAY BE HOT" paper on the box. Like someone else said,consumers need to take action. Also,what if you accidentally eat the warning label on the food? Then what will happen...?

  • We already know.

    No, there should not be warning labels on fried foods, because we already know that they are bad for us. When I decide to eat something delicious, I do not need to be reminded that it is a bad life choice. I want to eat my french fries and chicken nuggets and enjoy it.

  • It's Bad For You

    I do not believe there should be warning labels on fried foods. I believe consumers should take responsibility for their own actions and their own purchases. Fried foods obviously are not good for a person and I believe the common adult knows this fact. We shouldn't require extra labeling simply to remind us of commonly known facts.

  • There should be informative labels on all foods.

    Food should always have labels or signs that educate the consumer about the product they are about to purchase, or worse, eat. GIving the consumer the option to care about what goes in their body and the consequences of that is paramount. The option part that is. Placing warning labels on food will not stop people from purchasing it. That does not work for cigarettes, and people really do need food to live.

  • No, there should not be.

    There should not be a warning label on fried foods. And if there were to be, it could only be applied to certain types of fried food because, in fact, there are a lot of fried foods that are actually very good for you. This would be a very bad idea and misleading.

  • Fast / fried food

    I don't think its ideal to have a warning label to the fast food would solve the issue, We have a real example, Cigarette, People still buy and spoke it almost everywhere in the plant even though there are many awareness and studies about how bad it s and how it will effect the health directly.

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