Should there be warning labels on sugary drinks?

Asked by: unicorns5647
  • My opinion on labels.

    First of all, It may save lives of those that are suffering from the diseases--diabetes, heart disease, obesity--it may bring. In an article I read, they stated that putting warning labels on cigarettes saved lives of those that had the habit. Plus, it's not like their getting rid of sodas, they are just warning those that may love the sodas. That's why I want to keep people safe from those diseases, to be careful drinking various amounts of soda. At least 2 cans a week-not everyday. To be honest, I love soda too, but people keep on forgetting what the sugar can do to their body. Many of them know what it can do, but keep drinking it. Many children are possibly suffering form heart disease or diabetes right at this moment. Even though there is almost sugar in everything, at least put warning labels on boxes like they are now. To label the sugar amount and to warn them about the current diseases it spreads.

  • With the labels

    We can know if we need to watch the amount that we drink. If we have the labels then doctors can know if the amount that we drank was dangerous, with this we can protect our bodies from sugar defects, brain defects, and blood clots. If you disagree then think about all the people who die because of sugar. Not saying that sodas and candy are bad I am saying that candy and sodas daily can harm you.

  • There should be warning labels on sugary drink

    Ya'll warning labels be needed. They be needed cause people drink to much of it. When persons consume 2 mush they can get diabetes. Obesity, and tooth decor. This bad. No no. We need those labels doe. Get the labels they will help you not die. This message be approved bi me.

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  • People on diets

    They need to put warning labels on sugary drinks because if people are trying to loose weight then they will look at the labels. Other people obviously don't care how much sugar there is in a pop or soda so they have no need to look at the back.People around the world try there hardest to loose weight but without a warning label how are the going to know how much sugar they are consuming.

  • I think that

    Why put warning labels on sugary drinks what next apples cause apples have about 21 grams of sugar more than a can of soda. So yeah thats why i say no to warning labels on sugary drinks plus coco cola already puts labels on their drinks that have all details

  • People should no what they are drinking when they are drinking soda!

    I do not get it! When you purchase a soda, you should know that there is A LOT of sugar in it. In the end, I just do not believe these "warnings" are going to stop any one from drinking their favorite soda anyway. We have all been taught through obesity awareness that sugar is bad and that it is in soda, so to reiterate that is pointless and a waste of money for those soda brands. Even a moderately educated blind person should understand that when they purchase soda. And if you still need to check if there is sugar in coca cola, there is something called nutrition facts. Simply turn the can and you will find a white box, yes that is it. Congrats you did it! Or do we want to put a sugar warning in the front to save people the extra effort to turn a can. My oh my, what our society has came too...

  • Warning labels no!

    First of all noone even looks at nutrition labels so who
    would want to look at a warning labels
    No way there is going to be labels on sugary drinks
    Also there will have to be labels on everything so get ready for that!
    In conclusion I think there shouldnt be warning labels on sugary drinks!!!

  • Haha no they shouldn't.

    This is a bit ridiculous lol. At this point putting a warning label on sugary drinks is equivalent to putting a "danger, hot." On a campfire. People know exactly what they're drinking and apparently they don't care because it keeps getting consumed. But yeah silly argument here. Three more words

  • Who are you warning? Idiots?

    Just like Krampus said, there are already "warnings" which are nutrition facts. Besides those, there doesn't need to be anything else to let consumers know that what they are drinking includes a lot of sugar. If we put warnings there, you might as well put warning on everything.
    Chips: Contains salt
    Meat: Contains protein
    Air: Contains oxygen

  • There already are labels...Called nutrition facts.

    The idea that a warning label is necessary for this is ridiculous. Not to mention it's pretty insulting to the intelligence of the public. Who out there is shocked that soda isn't very healthy or good for you? It's called personal responsibility people. The more you make people use it, the more they will.

  • What's the point?

    Anyone who drinks soda probably knows the contents and frankly doesn't care. What's the point of warning labels if we already have nutrition facts (and let's face it, the amount of people who actually pay attention to that is slim) There's sugar in almost every food, you don't see a big warning slapped on a box of oreos, do you?

  • Already a marketing method

    Many people prefer drinks containing real sugar, and not corn syrup, with companies producing labeling their products as such. Companies did this without a requirement.

    Sugar is 100% natural, that is refined from plant based organic sources. I looked at a bag of sugar and the ingredient list was "sugar".

    If sugar is so dangerous selling it in a 5 pounds bag would require a HAZMAT warning.

  • NO and NO,

    Because we already know that there is sugar in the soda or drink. We also know what the risk is. We don't really care about what we buy as long as it tastes good. Like Krampus said " there are already labels called .... NUTRITION FACTS .THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

  • I believe that...

    Soda is a beloved drink, loved by many people around the world. Sure they can lead to diseases, but wouldn't that mean to put labels on EVERYTHING? Everything that we eat mostly contains sugar such as: pizza, chips, energy drinks, more food. If there were labels, wouldn't people just drink more to look cool? Just like the cigarette, it causes diseases and such, but when labels came teenagers just smoked MORE. Wouldn't the same thing happen to our sodas? Plus, we should enjoy them. Sure people shouldn't be drinking that much, but they'll just keep doing it even if we try to stop them. We can possibly come up with a way without the labels, maybe we can even lower the sugar amount. Thank you.

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