• Yes I agree as well

    There are a huge amount of options for every culture except one for whites,
    and it happens to be that all African American and most latinos do not agree and think we are moving backwards with this option

    but if you look it up you will see there are none! Im glad someone rectified that

  • Whites Only scholarships?

    I being an black African-American do agree with the idea. Yes Whites need to have motions in place that address their causes and things dear to them. This is the age old discussion of discrimination. Some discrimination is actually good unlike we have been conditioned to believe. I say have at it.

  • There are poor white students too

    I remember in high school sitting in an auditorium on the night of awards and scholarships night. I received a scholarship for receiving A's in school as well as for my contributions to numerous clubs... So two scholarships, because I worked incredibly hard for it. Immediately after me there was a student who received three scholarships, one because of his Hispanic heritage, one because of his Native American heritage, one because of his African American heritage. I can even remember the principle stating "receiving scholarship because he associates himself as latino, hispanic, etc etc". It just makes me hate being born white.

  • White honor student and teacher can't afford a Masters degree.

    While I respect diversity and teach in highly-diverse public schools, I cannot afford to seek a Masters degree--advancing both my highly successful teaching career and my paycheck--simply because I am white. My undergrad GPA is 3.97 (that dang A-) earned while raising teens and working 3 jobs. As a first-generation graduate who is old enough to be the mom of most of my cohort, I fit ALL requirements for a full scholarship at both public and private schools in MN except one: applicant must be a student of color. I ask you, how is that not racist in itself?

    Posted by: MrsS
  • If there are scholarships for Aboriginals, African Americans, etc.

    I was looking through for scholarships and I noticed an ongoing theme. All the scholarships were for non-Caucasians. As I already had difficulty supporting myself through school this ticked me off. Because I'm white I can't have a scholarship? There should be Caucasian only scholarships, but that will never happen because it will be considered 'racist'.

  • If scholarships can be given based on heritage (which many are), then a white scholarship is completely fair.

    The lack of white scholarships available to students is a representation of racism, as it gives some students opportunities and others none. This is simply not right and should not be rejected by society. The white students today are not racists, they are children seeking educational opportunity and should not have to suffer because of the color of their skin.


    My brother (who is white) got straight a's and b's in high school but did not receive any scholarships while they gave out all of them to Hispanic, and African Americans who did not get higher than a C in most classes.
    Now i go to to a different school and all their scholorships also requires either hispanic or african race.

  • Do it and watch the riots start because the uneducated will see it as racism.

    Another handout given to non-white american's is moving us backwards. White people can be poor or on welfare just like minorities so why not give them the option to get the same scholarships. Racism goes both ways here people. I know way more black people that hate white people than the other way around. Darwinism please! Quit helping people, the world is already over-populated.

  • It is only fair

    As long as there are scholarships that are given out for being a race, which is a factor that is uncontrolled and is born in to. While I feel that race based scholarships are racist to the very core, I feel that if you give one race a benefit you have to allow it to all.

    Posted by: Rxan
  • I agree with the general consensus here

    In that it is by far NOT racist to allow a white only scholarship in conjunction with the exclusivity of many current scholarships. "Racist" is a word used by people to complain about something they dislike, or something they desire that was ruled out. Also, there is no such thing as "reverse racism"...If you are racist, you are racist, it doesn't matter which race you are or which race you are against. That aside, allowing whites (read: those who are not of Asian, African, Native American or Hispanic descent) to have a scholarship that puts them essentially on the same footing as non-whites is completely fair. Arguments such as "there are more whites than ______" are ridiculous, since it only means there will be more competition among the whites for that scholarship, and do not adversely affect any other scholarship.

  • Racist, Bias, and Unfair

    Every man is created equal. So why should only one race be allowed to have an easier life style than the rest of the other races. Let us not forget that the White race is also the cause of the downfall every single race in the world. The Latino, Asian, African, European, and Australian races have all become worse due to the White race.

  • Big-gated and unfair

    Simply put this is racism in it's truest form, giving an opportunity to someone because of their: race, gender or other things they cannot control is completely out of order. All of mankind are created equal, this is the opinion of almost all religions and is agreed on in almost all of the civilized world.

  • No no no

    I dont think white people understand that BEING WHITE is a scholarship within itself. For a long time in this world, minorities werent allowed to get an education and couldnt afford it. Now that there are scholarships that help them get the education they deserve white people seem to have a problem with it. The world is a big running race when it comes to race. White people were the first ones to start the race, then when they were halfway through, everybody else was told to start. So minorities have to work twice as hard to catch up.

  • People Are Saying Yes To This?

    This is an extremely silly question and I thought a majority of respondents would say no. But instead, I have learned that we human beings are crazy. To the people who are saying yes: Are you saying that whites are superior to other races? Then you are wrong. Those who are believing in equality and are supporting whites-only scholarships are hypocrites. Everyone has their own right to a scholarship if they work hard for it.

  • Don't add fuel to the fire.

    A white-only scholarship would experience a lot of backlash, because society does not consider racism against whites to be racism. Same for a male-only scholarship, because society does not consider sexism against males to be sexism. We should be trying to eliminate these double standards, not exacerbate them. Eliminate the black scholarships, womens scholarships, affirmative action, etc. They are among the biggest obstacles toward equality in the modern world.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Based on monetary factors alone, no.

    As seen from Business Insider, the median annual income for a Caucasian household is about $57,000, for a black household $33,000, for a Hispanic household $39,000, and for an Asian household $68,000. Personally, I feel as though race scholarships should be allowed, with the races near the top of the annual median income list being offered little to none, and those lower on the list being offered more. Why provide a Hispanic with a $10,000 scholarship, and a Caucasian or Asian with a $5,000 scholarship, when the Hispanic is most likely in more dire need of the money? This is probably where financial-based scholarships should come into play, which would offer more money based on financial need, so as to even out the odds, so if a Caucasian or Asian family were to not make as much as a Hispanic family, they would still be able to receive a scholarship, regardless of race.

  • What has society come to?

    There have been enough cases of racism in the world,we do not need any more of it. Being a member of a race has nothing to do with your education, and people who are not white have had it neglected back in history! Do we think that bringing back discrimination in learning will help out the situation that racism still exits in small cases around the world?

  • No, and neither should there be for any race.

    Scholarships should be solely base on your merits, such as your grades, how hard of a worker you are, and your morals. Being born with a certain skin color or anything akin to that should not affect your chances of getting a scholarship. That's sort of discriminating against the majority, which people think is fair just because they ones they are discriminating against are the "majority."

  • There should be no race-only scholarships at all.

    Scholarships should be based off of academic performance and socioeconomic conditions. They should not be based off the color of someone's skin. MLK wanted a society where people didn't base things off of color, but on character.

    It goes both ways. There should be no punishments for being a member of a race, nor should there be any rewards. It doesn't matter.

  • Everyone should have equal opportunity

    Every student should have equal opportunity for scholarships and fellowships irrespective of race and color. That's the only logical thing that makes sense. We should try to promote international scholarship opportunities like: that are available to anyone and everyone.
    Distinguishing between students in terms of color will only damage the global education standards.

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