Should there be year-round school for grades K-12?

  • Yes yes yes

    There should be year round schools that would further instruct out children to have the education necessary to produce healthy, productive lives. The schools in this nation has been slacking off and our country has been slacking off and falling down the ladder of education. Full year round schools would help teach our children the traits necessary to avoid the mistakes that our generation have caused.

  • Smarter Children, better grades, better job opportunities.

    As some of you have been saying in the opposing sides, children will not get breaks. In my opinion, still going to school, I still get breaks like winter, thanksgiving, Memorial day, etc. We also have half days. I think it is better for us students to have more school because we can become more smart over time and have better opportunities to getting into better schools or beating out other guys for the best job you could get. Students could still get breaks as they need to any activity like retreats and field trips. And plus, it is better for parents so they don't have to spend money to put their kid in camps over the summer. Lastly, children, tweens, and teens over summer loose some of the knowledge gained during school. I know I do! Whereas if kids had school year round, they would only gain knowledge.

  • Kids get to learn more things

    There should be year round schooling because children would be able to learn more things get a better education and be prepared for middle school, high school and collage. And It would get children to better think of their future and have a better high standard for their family's and their self.

  • Consistency and Better Education

    Year round school using levels for subjects instead of moving kids by grade through the elementary school will allow kids to excel where they are able and get help where it is needed. Kids can be placed by their needs and classes will be more reflective of what is needed by the whole instead of the few.

  • Kids still get breaks

    You ignorant people aren't realizing that KIDS ACTUALLY GET BREAKS IN YEAR ROUND SCHOOL. Their summer breaks are shorter, but what's left gets spread around the year. And these frequent breaks cause less stress, and less stress means more learning. Don't vote on these things if you don't know what you're talking about.

  • There should be a year round schooling

    There should be a year round schooling because students can learn more and students won't forget what they have learned. In a student at BRIDGE ACADEMY WEST and we don't have a year round schooling but we have a 3 months of for summer break and I wish we could have a year round schooling because I love school and the most important thing is that I want to learn more and so I won't forget what I have learned.

  • Better education better job.

    School should be around all year long. In different countries school has a longer of time than the USA. China is surpassing the USA in education by a lot. America needs to step up their game with education. More school days equals more education more education equal better grades better grades equals better college better college equals better job better job equals more money more money equals happy life. :)

  • Countries with year-round school do better educationally.

    3 months without school is a long time. Kids forget what they have learned and get out of practice when studying. In fact, this is so profound that the first few months of the school year are spent relearning what was forgotten. Schools in the US then try to cram too much in a shorter period of time. Having school year round with 2-3 week breaks between terms is ideal.

    It also means businesses that run during the school year, such as sports clubs and so on don't go three months every year without any business. People can spread out their holidays so it isn't so expensive all at once, and parents don't have to find child care for three months.

  • There is no continuity and no parallel to the real world.

    I am a student and I find that taking a break off in the summer really hinders my learning, especially in math. Any connection between subjects from year to year is obstructed by two months of sitting around and reading a couple of books. Also, only teaching jobs have summer breaks, meaning that students do not get used to the idea of working year-round to survive.

  • There Should Not Be

    There should not be school all year-round for students between the grades of K-12. I think students would get burnt out. The current systems works great and I do not see a reason to change it. Students deserve two to three months off an should be able to enjoy their summers.

  • Family time is peaceful time.

    Summer is a way for families to get together and have fun. Everyone needs a break once in a while. Also, summer is when kids do sports the most. If we remove summer break, America will be more obese than it already is! Removing summer break will cause many health problems and raise the rates of cholesterol and diabetes!

  • No time to relax.

    There should not be school year-round because students would not get time to enjoy summer. If you were in high school, you would not be able to have time to relax from all that studying and staying up late. During the summer, people start sports and become more athletic. If there was school all summer, they wouldn't be able to do the things that they would have started with a summer break. I think schools should stay with the current system that they have right now.

  • There should not be!

    Teachers and Parents might think that it would be a good decision. Most kids like me would disagree and probably even some parents and teachers would as well. Kids don't have enough free time to reach for their dreams! One disadvantage is that kids forget info on subjects over the summer. School should not be year round!

  • No, but maybe

    No, the students need to have a break from school. If you look at the schools how they are now, you will see that students are getting overwhelmed by all the homework and assignments the school gives them. Most students get extremely stressed out because of all the work they have to do. On top of that, students have to go to school for seven to eight hours, five days a week. Some students get very depressed because of how difficult school is. Students need a cool down period, if they don't, they will burn out. If we make the schools year-round and keep the rest of the system the same, it will probably be worse for the students and could make their grades worse because of all the stress school causes. Now, If they adjusted the rest of the school, like shortening school hours, giving out less or no homework, and/or doing a calming or re-energizing exercise sometime in school, like before or after lunch, then maybe we could have year-round schools, but if not, year-round schools would probably make everything much harder for the students and cause unnecessary stress on the students.

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  • No, there shouldn't be year-round school

    I am a fifth grader, and from what I've read from the opposing side, people are saying that kids get breaks during holidays and stuff. Even if they do, most of their time is still spent on school so if they get rid of summer breaks as well, then we will have even more time at school than on breaks.

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  • Why are there 12 grades at all?

    They cram shit in your head that you won't remember a year after graduation and won't ever need to relearn. And it's absolutely astounding that people agree with the way school is taught in the first place. If I want to be an engineer why do I need to know the recessive trait of an octopus?

  • It is bad

    Parents have trouble scheduling vacations because of the short breaks they have given, unlike the traditional schools that have combined most of the breaks together

    -Hard for parents to find child care programs that offer it non-consecutively (maybe 2 weeks then stop for 4 weeks and repeat)

    -Since the school year is very tiring for teachers, all they think about are the things they have to do when the break is over so they don’t feel replenished with full energy so the breaks don’t help them cool down

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