• There should not zoos

    There should not be zoos because animals need to be free and live in their real habitat.If you were an animal you woudn't want to be trapped your whole life. You would want to be free and rome around.If they die its just the circle of life.I feel strongly about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Zoos serve a Purpose

    Zoos can be a safe haven for endangered or sick animals. Also, research can be done on animals in a safe environment instead of in the wild where there are dangers to both the animal and the research scientists. They are great places for kids to learn about wildlife and the natural world.

  • Think there should be zoo because people can help the endangered species,people can learn about them and they can have a safe place to live

    I know about the elephants in the woodland park zoo. The years are very different and they live longer out of zoos. I will always be for zoos. If you wanted to see a lion in the wild and risk your life. Or you can go to a zoo there you can see a lion and not died. That is why there should be zoos.

  • There should be zooes

    There should be zooes because there are water holes in the ground in hot day. There should be zooes because there are all kind of endangered aniamls in the world that are dieing out. If they keep aniamls in zooes so people can study the aniamls. This why there should be zooes because endangered aniamls need homes and need food. So this is why there should be zooes. So there should be zooes now.

  • If the animals are being taken care of zoos are good

    Yes. Zoos are not only fun, they are educational. They show that the environment houses much more than just humans and their pets. In some cases the animals that are kept in the zoos may be endangered or were endangered where they were originally located. If the animals are being taken care of and are in comfortable and suitable environments, I believe zoos are fine.

  • There Should Be Zoos

    Yes, there should be zoos as zoos are great places of learning about nature and the natural world. Though zoos may keep a small percentage of animals in captivity, they are invaluable in that they make sure a populace that would not otherwise know about the natural world is now aware of it.

  • Yes, There should be zoos

    Yes there should be zoos because Zoos feed the animals wash them and care for them. They also make them a habitat that looks like their real one to make them feel at home. There is NO REASON they should not have zoos that's why we need zoos. That is my opinion

  • I love animals, But are they safe?

    If animals that are endangered stay in zoos, Im not saying all, They will not go extinct, They will be free from harm, Tooken care of when ill, But i go against small zoos who give them dead food, Meat eaters should hunt there own food. I say zoos are fine, But its people who forget, We are not alone on this planet, We are animals, And we are part of the food chain. And just like tigers and bears, If we over populate the food chain will brake.

  • There should be zoos and there should not be zoos.

    Yes , because if an animal is endangered the zookeepers can catch two of that animal (a male and a female) and help them reproduce. No, because some zoos in the U.S. don't feed their animals enough food. Plus, they sometimes don't give the animals enough room in their habitat so that can cause a disease called zoochosis. Zoochosis can cause the animal to pace back and forth, bob their heads, twist their necks, turn in circle, and tear holes in their own skin.
    Aquatic animals forced out of their natural habitat to live in a water tank are separated from their families, loose natural exercise, and loose sunlight, outside air, and companionship.

  • Yes because they take care

    There should be zoos because they save them and they feed them a lot more than the wild dont feed them as much and they can breed them too and they take care of the baby's that are born because in the wild the baby's can die because there mom and dad might not be there .

  • Yes I think there should be zoos

    I think think there should be zoos because younger kids need to learn more about nature. If your a person out there that disagrees go ahead but if you disagree then email or do something to tell zoos to make the pens bigger. Also don't shoot wild life animals please.

  • Rip all animals who died

    Because harambe got shot because someone decided to let there kid fall in the cage . They need there own habitat also, the wildlife is where they were born. They will go crazy in the cages for years and get more mean. I really think there should not be zoos even for looking at.

  • No i dont

    Would you like it if you were locked up? I didn't think so. So why do we have animals in cages? They need to roam!! They have very little space to run. Say you were a cheattea. You wouldnt have enough room to run. So you couldnt run as fast as you would want.

  • Help them now

    Hi ho ho ho hih ih ho free the animals now free at last . Anamls are not for intertanment red pands bie form people giveing rat posin hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi help them now so what are you whating for go bye

  • I say no because animals con be free

    Us humans are free how come the animals have to be in cages. What happend if you was in a cage would you like it . NO you wouldn't .The only animal that's free is the birds . Now the bird are in cages you wouldn't like it so people who own a not very nice

  • Animals shouldn't suffer for our entertainment

    Animals need to roam and be free. Its unnatural habitat. A cheetah doesn't want to be in a zoo where it can't run it's fastest. How can a lion be the king of the jungle if the lion is not in the jungle? How can a monkey leap from tree to tree when there is no trees to be leaped on? Why do we take the animal out if its natural habitat and put it in a cage? Its unfair.

  • Nope there should not.

    Animals need to be free! You wouldn't like it if some guys put you in a cage. They also feel sad because their families were miles away from them. They are also so far away from their natural habitat and they are put in a very sad artificial environment. Nope.

  • I say no because animals can be free.

    Us humans are free how come the animals have to be in cages. What happend if you was in a cage would you like it . NO you wouldn't .The only animal that's free is the birds . Now the bird are in cages you wouldn't like it so people who own a not very nice people.

  • I dont think there should be zoos

    I dont think there should be zoos because in zoos animals are put into a enclosed space with little food and water. Most are often forced to do tricks and are punished if not done correctly. For animals to be caged just so people can be satisfied with seeing them is wrong and cruel.

  • Why do y

    People why do you hurt the animals they are caged like prisenors help the animals please they are not bad they need to live in there natural habitats help the animals that are caged they die faster the only thing they care about is the money and that is horrible

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