• Better yet, a ginger girl.

    The 'still not ginger' gag is funny. Imagine the pure hilarity when doctor who looks down and realizes he has boobs! This moment would be worth any plot-revamping alone. And I think this fresh look at the doctor who world would be worth any negatives that could come along. Sure, her companions would be less likely to fall in love with her, but they never hook up anyway, so why not? And I honestly don't think river would really care. After being alive for thousands of years you probably find gender less and less relevant.

  • Girls can rock too.

    I'm not saying soon, or that casting options must select a woman... But in the next 50 years of the show, variety will remain important; the show has thus far stayed fresh by always changing and giving The Doctor new traits which he'd never had before. Thus a female casting choice seems both natural, and inevitable.

    Same basic argument for a non-white Doctor. I'd however be put off by one with an American accent, if it were long term.

  • Pale, Male, Stale.

    We live in a Society where we are bombarded by sexist and male heavy advertising, TV and radio.
    We need to overhaul the current stigma that surrounds women, particularly in long lasting serials, and Doctor Who is the ideal place to begin.
    Millions of people watch Doctor Who and it is vital that we try and reach as many people in our attempts to reduce this prejudice.
    Particuarly of late the male doctor, young female assistant has led to may episode which has led to significant sexual tension within each episode.
    It is vital that we overhaul this now before it becomes even more sexist and takes it too far.

  • Doctor Who, Doctor Her

    So many people who are against having a female doctor because there would be no sex appeal for the female watchers. Which is ridiculous. Introducing a female doctor would dramatically change the show, yes I understand that. But isn't it time to have a strong female lead? Sure you could make an argument for the companions being strong but they always become damsels in distress at one point or another. It would be awesome to see the doctor become female, if only for a little while. Because everyone knows that having a female doctor could either bring about an amazing storyline, or complete revolt and horror by the media and the watchers.

  • Definetly there should be.

    Well the Doctor has always been male. So why can't it be a woman it adds variety and more color to the show. I mean it would be brilliant and she could be ginger even. But Moffat it's time to step up to the plate and give the fans what they want. Women have been accepted for awhile now just saying. So I think you understand well enough to know that in this day and age a lot more is accepted. So it's well over do for a change.

  • WHy Not ?

    I dont understand the hate these questions get, it has been established that time lords can change sex and I would love to see a woman play it. As for plot reasons, the writers would think up some explanation. I am the opposite of some people in that everytime the doctor is regenerating i want a woman and if i dont get one i am disappointed. That doesnt mean i wont enjoy the new doctor but i want at least one woman, number 13 seems right!

  • Not the best idea.

    Such a drastic change after years of male Doctor's might put newcomers, or especially long time watchers, off the show. There's something about the dopey, charming, flirty, funny yet serious and heroic personalities of all the Doctor's that we all know and love. Changing that might cause some serious feel hurt for Whovians. (Including myself) Although I must admit, River Song is freaking brilliant and I think The Doctor's wife taking over his role would be very interesting to watch.

  • It's time for a female Doctor!

    I don't think the female casting of Doctor Who should be a political issue. I think people have forgotten how important representation in the media is. All twelve Doctors have same characteristics--white males! I don't think there's a good, logical reason not to. Time Lords/The Doctor can regenerate to basically everything. Even during the casting of Twelfth Doctor, they didn't consider anyone else for the role besides Peter Capaldi, which is pretty unfair. In short, it's about time. I hope they could at least consider the idea for the forthcoming Thirteenth Doctor.

  • Change it up a bit.

    There are plenty of actresses out there who would make an excellent Doctor for their own presentation and how they would play the Doctor. Remember, timelords have no set sex, so it is possible and could happen.

    I mean, seriously, all the doctors have all been played by the same type of person, the only difference is the twelfth is just a little older than the last two. But yes, I like the idea of changing it up. Make the doctor a woman, and the companion a man, just for the sake of throwing tradition on its head.

    I mean, sure, it might shock Riversong at first, but she'll take it in her stride too.

  • Why ever not?

    The whole idea of regeneration was created so different actors after Hartnell could play the role. So a female Doctor is a realistic possibility. If a talented actress showed a lot of zest and gusto then why can't she be allowed to make the role her own? There is no reason to go out of our way to make the Doctor female but if it happens to be a women who gives the best audition that let her be cast.

  • Really girls why

    Come on do you really need to do this. I do think there should be more female heroes but you don't have to ruin doctor who to prove your point. Doctor who would be ruined and you know it so stop trying to push your agenda and make every dang super hero into a girl just because you apparently are treated worse than boy. Yes you should push for more new female heroes but you don't have to change the old ones.

  • The Doctor is a unique male figure.

    The issue of a female Doctor has nothing to do with male superiority, but rather preserving who the Doctor actually is. As Moffat said himself - the Doctor has no gun, he has a screwdriver. He has no warship, he has a phone box to call for help. He's not ruthless, he has two hearts. How many male protagonists today are so pure and unique? A female Doctor would take away a unique male hero. It would be much better to introduce a female Time Lord for female fans to look up to, and I think it would be the best compromise.

  • Doctor Who is a Man

    The content of the comedy revolves around Doctor Who in all of his lives, incarnations, and instances. Making Dr. Who female changes the context of the show and the point of the show. Having a female Doctor Who would be as useless and pointless as having a female James Bond.

  • Think of the plot lines

    I really disagree with this, not because of sexism, but simply because it would change the Dow completely, the doctor has always been an English middle class eccentric, and no matter how young the actor, he's always had a grandfather like personality, this simply wouldn't fit. Secondly, it has never been said before that time lords CAN change genders, in fact if you look at older episodes when time lords lived not one of them regenerated into the opposite sex, mainly for the reason of the fact that it would be ridiculous, and before you say that all of doctor who is unrealistic, it has always followed basic logic, until Moffat at least.
    Lastly, to this who say that the doctors character style should hange after all this time, but look at bond, he's been going for 59 years, 23 films, does that mean he should stop being a coineseur in a tux and become a cockney in a flatcap, n, the doctor is a man, not because of sexism but because that happens to be the character that he is, and to make one of his generations a woman, changing the whole air of the series, just for the sake of twelfth, would be stupid.

  • It would never be the same.

    The Doctor is a man. Although it has been said in the show that it is possible to regenerate into a woman, it would change the whole essence of the show and it would not be like it was before. For me that is a bad thing. If he regenerated into a woman, could he then just regenerate back into a man next time? The show would never be the same afterwards because it will change the whole show. I don't think it is a good story as what can you explore apart from the initial fact of being a woman. What about River Song? Would the Doctor Be Gay? Finally, to make the Doctor a woman now would just be playing up to people and they would be doing it for the sake of it. Unless there is a proper reason for doing it and a good story behind it and to go forward, what is the point?

  • This wouldn't work well.

    Introducing a female Doctor brings up loads of questions about the nature and anatomy of Timelords which, knowing Moffat, will go unanswered along with all the other more science-heavy questions that he has neglected over the years. Instead of explaining these, we get story lines such as the Ponds breaking up during a mini episode and getting back together in the first episode after that, rendering the initial intrigue and potential of the storyline completely boring and flat. Rory waited for Amy and guarded the Pandorica for thousands of years - but hey, let's pretend that type of solitude and life experience isn't going to change a person in any way so that Moffat can continue on his merry way. Having a female Doctor would therefore contribute to the way that science and actual deep thinking is neglected more often than not on the show. Also, it would be strange if the Doctor were to become female after at least twelve regenerations as a male, again raising questions that will be left unanswered. I agree that there should be strong female characters on the show, of course, but they don't need to be the Doctor to be strong. Many argue that it's time for the show to change it up a bit; I think it's time for the Doctor to be non-white instead, and also to have more non-white and maybe some non-British companions.

  • It's a dumb idea.

    All the reasons to do it are lame and rooted in feminist agenda. Doctor Who is a TV show enjoyed by many people, not all of them liberals. It is not a platform for gender politics, and making it such a thing would ruin it for everybody - including the feminists, who'd find some flaw in the way it was executed.

  • I'm a girl

    Oh come on we don't have to change everything because thiers not a girl character in it. I'm a girl to and I believe that doctor who shouldn't be changed like that. Yes I do believe that we should have more women super heroes out there but we don't have to ruin one of the greatest shows on earth just to accomplish it. No wonder we girls have a bad reputation for this type of stuff.

  • Not doctor Who

    I am a girl and I just don't agree with turning the doctor into a female. Though I do think that girls need more heroes we don't need to go and turn every boy hero into a girl hero. Instead of doing that we should just push for more new female super heroes. We don't have to ruin every plot line put there just because theirs not a girl main character. Do we really have to be that pushy.

  • Oh come on.

    Is it just me or is it that every boy main character is getting attacked in the media. Just because this one character isn't a girl a bunch of feminists start to freak out. People keep saying that it is sexist. No its not. Stop being stupid. You have a bunch of female character already. Though to suffice your hunger maybe they should make maybe a offshoot series about his daughter. That actually might be cool.

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