Should there have been more investigation at Wells Fargo before firing so many employees at once?

  • Yes, i agree.

    I believe there should have been enough investigation at the Wells Fargo before firing so many employees at once. This is because there are some innocent people who suffered because of other people's mistake. It was actually unfair for them since they did not have a chance to address their grievances.

  • No, Keep the Firings Coming

    When it was discovered that Wells Fargo had been creating false accounts in order to meet sales goals, they fired hundreds of employees. I think that they did this to save face and protect those in higher positions at the company. These corporate bigwigs knew what was happening, and it was helping to line their pockets. I think they should be fired as well.

  • Yes, I think so .

    But as we have seen the government has decided that proving cases against bankers is to hard. Even when there is clear evidence of malfeasance, they worry that expensive lawyers might befuddle jurors. So the perverse systems of rewarding 'wins' continues unabated. Government lawyers fear losing, they don't dare try... instead looking for easier targets. Banks give out compensation for new accounts, credit cards and don't notice how many of these new account holders are suddenly overdrafting their older accounts. There is no checking of any of the paperwork or questions raised.

    To big to prosecute.

  • Yes, Wells Fargo should have had more investigation.

    Wells Fargo needs to change many of its procedures. There needs to be a stronger system of checks and balances in place to ensure that the people who remain in the company are doing their job and not taking advantage of clients. They also need to make sure that employees aren't lying about or slandering the reputations of other employees. There should have been much more investigating within Wells Fargo in many realms.

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