• Yes, Theresa May should make climate change a strong focus of her office term.

    Theresa May should strive to place climate change as a prominent conversation topic during her office term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Even in the wake of Brexit, the United Kingdom is a strong pillar of American-European relationships. All it takes is a few strong and respected leaders to make climate change a priority, because damage to our environment ultimately affects the world we live in regardless of law, debt, or superficial preoccupations.

  • Theresa May needs to focus more on climate change

    Climate change is one issue that can be said to affect all of us and as Theresa May takes over as prime minister of the United Kingdom she is in the position to make a powerful statement in favor of combating climate change. We have already started to see the real world effects of climate change, from consistently rising temperatures, to extreme weather events, to devastating droughts and flooding. The eyes of the world are on the U.K. at the moment after their exit from the European Union and it is time for Theresa May to make an important statement.

  • No, Theresa May should focus on priorities other than climate

    The new prime minister of Great Britain, Theresa May will have many high priorities to focus her attention on during the change of political scene. I think she will need to put the economy ahead of climate change for now. Climate change is still important but other issues need immediate attention.

  • No she should not

    Theresa May should not focus more in climate change. It is a very important issue, but there are far more time-sensitive issues that need to be sorted now. For example, she needs to get rid of Boris Johnson. Having him as foreign secretary is an absolute joke. She also needs to concentrate on Article 40 and ensure that our trade agreements are secured. Climate change can come later.

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