• Black Friday is dangerous!

    In my opinion. Cyber is much more safer but in the other hand Black Friday is very dangerous because shop keeper died or been enjured when people were fighting crazily and in a rampage so this has to stop
    And yes Black Friday must be removed for eternity as it dangerous

  • A waste of time

    It is a waste of time and for what standing in line out in the cold for a TV that no one needs. . . While that whole time you can be at home spending time with family just like all the employees that have to work to serve the wants of a bunch of adults that act like a pack of rabid wolverines. . . Cancel black Friday in general. .

  • It prevents Chaos

    It prevents pushing and trampling over one over the another for deals that we don't need. All the ape actions we do every black friday is just ridcioulous. It should be not a holiday pernamently due to its violent nature of people threatening u and shoving and not saying excuse me when they walk

  • It ruins the holiday spirit for retail workers

    Black Friday should be canceled because it puts too much stress on the employees that work at the stores. They have no time to spend with their families because of the insane hours they have to work to prepare for the sale, And are constantly treated like garbage by people who come in to buy things that aren't any cheaper than they would be during other normal sales the store has through out the year.

  • Yes, it needs to be canceled

    I'm tired of seeing and hearing about store workers getting injured or even killed because some people can't control themselves. I wanna see companies put everything they were going to sell on Black Friday and put it on Cyber Monday. This way the companies get their profit and workers no longer get hurt. I've seen how people behave on Black Friday and it's disgusting.

  • Threatens peace and should be a time for family

    Black Friday should be canceled because too many people are either killed or hurt fighting over merchandise that can be bought at discounted prices throughout the year. Customers shouldn't have to feel insecure or threatened by simply shopping. Stores and malls become overpopulated which becomes huge safety hazards. If stores want to work however they want, they should be free to do so on other days rather than all at once.

  • Black Friday Dangerous

    Black Friday should be replaced with Cyber Monday. Such a new shopping extravaganza would save the environment in regards to the use of paper bags and gas to get to the stores. Black Friday has been a dangerous shopping event and will stay that way until Cyber Monday is accepted.

  • Black Friday sale for the trees are in the process of getting a new one for me

    This is the first time I've ever seen a good day and time works for you and I'll make sure to get the kids to the park and ride at the end of the day I was in the shower and then I'll be home to get my stuff together and head over to the gym and then I will send you the link to the video is too late to call you and tell you when I get back to my office to get my car and then I will send you the link to the video is too late crossing fingers are just sick a good day and a half.


  • Canceling Black Friday Impedes Free Trade

    While I personally couldn't stand to go to Black Friday sales, it is every store's right to conduct its sales, hours and any aspect of business in whatever way they feel is best. That is part of what it means to be a free market, and forcibly canceling a sale like Black Friday would restrict the rights of stores to conduct business, which is not the nature of a free market.

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