• Friends are always going to be friends!

    Friends was such a great show even though if its just one show they should make a reunion what do you have against them theres nothing wrong with just putting on one more show they might be a little old but why not do it before they are gone? So yea!

  • We Need More Friends

    I love that show. Now I want to know what happened. All the best shows have reunions. Friends was a great show. It needs a reunion. What happened with ross and rachel? Monica and chandler? Phoebes and mike? Joey in general? A reunion would be popular and everybody would watch it.

  • Yes definitely! :)

    Yes they should! I loved watching friends! It was like my favourite tv programme! I've got the full boxset of it haha! But then again, the actors might be a bit too old now, and it wouldn't be the same as it used to be really.. But still, it would be a laugh:)

  • No way at all!

    This was a very lame TV show from the get. "Seinfeld" had an ending that was saddening. They truly made you laugh from 1989 to 1998, almost a full decade. This show on the other hand was just arrogant, all kinds of bad things you can say about it. When it ended in 2004, good riddance.

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