• It is ensuring safety for other students

    If drug testing in schools became a thing, it would ensure the safety of the other students, as drugs are very dangerous. They can make people act psychotic, and by targeting it now, the drug addicts can go into rehabilitation sooner, helping them to get back to a drug free life. By drug testing students will be safe again, as well as drugs limited.

  • Yes cause if they make a mistake and start drugs they need help to get out the hole they dug!

    If the students have nothing to hide then the drug test should be no problem but the athletics especially have the right but the whole school would not need to but the dogs should come in randomly and sniff the lockers cause any student that takes a drug could die at any point and wouldn't be worth to save some kids life?

  • Drugs in high school

    Yes! There's lots of drugs in my high school. My bus gets searched all the time for drugs and they always find some on at least one kid. School should be a clean safe drug free place for us to learn. Random drug tests will help keep kids off drugs.

  • Yes, drug testing can be done in high school but only with some reason.

    As with alcohol, drugs should not be around a high school and should not be taken by a student during school hours at least. So if a person seems to be acting in an erratic way, there should be the ability for the school administrators to administer a test for drugs and alcohol to make sure the young person is really capable of being there.

  • Drug Testing Students Could Have a Negative Effect on the Public

    I can see why you would want there to be drug testing in all high schools because of how your high school is or because of your past experiences, and you want all schools to be a safe environment to learn in; but if you look at the big picture by letting schools drug test the kids might end up being a bad thing rather than good. First off how can you make sure that the schools don't end up profiling people and only drug testing them. For example what if the school ends up testing people that are lower class more than the middle class or upper class students just because of how much money they have. Would you consider that fair treatment that because the students don't have as much money as the other students that they would be considered to be more likely to do drugs than the others?
    Secondly what about the students that already don't like to go to school in the first place? If we had all the schools drug testing there students that might make them feel like that the school is even more of a "living hell" than it already is, and what if those students refuse to go to school because of the drug testing. Also it could make kids feel like they are being put on trial, that they can't be trusted, or that the school is more of a prison than a place of learning.
    My third and final reason is that what would that parents think of this? Some might say yes, but what about the ones that say no? The ones that say no might protest against it, take there kids out of school, or in the case it could start a riot. It's been proven time and time again that if we as Americans don't like something we will do anything and everything in our power to make sure that whatever we don't like will get changed. Also there is a fine line between leadership and dictatorship and that might be pushing the line to far.
    Again I'm not saying that everyone who said or says yes is wrong. All I'm saying is that you might not be looking at the big picture or the grand scheme of things.

  • Only to some extent.

    I don't want the entire school to get drug tested. Its useless and it wastes time for learning. Maybe school athletes should be tested, or tested in case someone is acting weirdly. If it happens to one, it happens to all, and nobody would like that. I pick no, but drug testing should be allowed only in certain situations.

  • No only in sports

    They should not be drug testing everyone in high school. The public school has no right to do this and it would be an invasion of privacy. If a student decides to play sports though and signs a waiver then they would be subject to a blood test in public high schools.

  • No, there should not be drug testing in high schools.

    In my opinion, there should not be drug testing in high schools. Because it is not in the best interest of the student body and would jeopardize the trust that should be being nurtured in the school system. Also I believe that drug testing is a violation of a persons right to privacy.

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