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Posted by: nleachman

God's NOT Dead!!!

  Atheist say that when Christians talk about God it offends them... In that case I can also say that you not believing he is real offends me! Personally the fact that many say he doesnt exist it does offend me. Students should have the opportunity to pray and practice their religion without worrying about offending someone else and their beliefs!! Its time for us to stand up as christians and stand up for what we believe in even if we are standing by our selves.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-05-09T23:55:05.783
It doesn't matter whether God exists or not. The purpose of of schools is to help children cultivate their virtues by following the Path, e.g. are innate virtuous natures. They should teach students to serve fellow humans - not any deity or spiritual being.

If the students want to pray and practise their religion at school, then the school has no right to intervene in such a liberty. However, the religion should not be enforced in schools.
ATLSky says2014-05-10T04:31:16.630
I'm sorry but no kid has EVER gotten into trouble for preying in school and practicing their religion the only thing that changed was that schools can't mandate prayer which means that students can't be forced to be Christians.

Christians talking about god doesn't offend me, I don't believe in god but what does offend me is when people try to force other people to believe what they believe and you want to do this to the entirety of the school system which is wrong.

We aren't forcing kids to be atheists so don't force them to be any other religion, let them decide on their own.
clgaram720 says2014-05-11T00:34:52.700
I'm an Atheist and I don't give a damn whether you talk about God. I start to be offended when you make it about me. Just like EVERYONE ELSE. I'm going to hell, Jesus is trying to find me and help me, blah blah blah. No one cares about you and your personal relationship with God, we start to care when you start pushing god on everyone else. If you just went to church and only talked about God with the other Jesus freaks, no one would so much as blink an eye.
clgaram720 says2014-05-11T00:36:32.307
You know why nobody hates Buddhists? Because no Buddhist ever shows up at your door in the middle of dinner with a pamphlet that says Buddha will only love you if you're straight...
exhell says2014-11-19T23:30:27.550
Like the Crusades right, OP?
Buddhist_Boy says2014-11-28T03:53:39.810
That's right!
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