• We need weed

    We need weed to get high of course. There are many up sides to weed, can be used for medicinal purposes. Now the bible says that God gave us every herb to use any way we want. In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and after he made land he made WEED.

  • Cause i like it

    Weeed IS cool and I like with your cousin and your friends but I also like to do them when I get high I am very happy and I get enjoyable. My friends also like it a LOT and weed is an awesome word I like to say it. I enjoy it alot

  • It is illegal for a reason

    You said that God lets us use herbs in anyway we want. Well, we can, but we still shouldn't. These things are temptations that he gave to us so we could test ourselves. And we don't need to be high. People who are addicted to it of course, really wan to be. But, those who don't take drugs like myself never feel the temptation. Also, all this consumption of weed makes you crazy.

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