• STOP BEING STEREOTYPICAL just because some kids are immature

    I am a professor of psychology and neurology at Sydney university and I believe it is vital for children to get a good understanding of how to drive. This would further emphasise and heighten the skills a child needs so there won't be any accidents on the road YOU IDIOTS!

  • If they are capable

    I think that if people of any age are capable of driving that they can drive. My grandparents could drive when they were kids, but they would drive to haul feed and trailers, they would not just drive for fun. On farms, parents need their kids to drive. If children are trained properly and can pass a driving test, they should be allowed to drive. I am not saying that two-year-olds should be driving on the interstate, but if someone fourteen is capable of driving and can drive while being safe and without harming others, they should be legally allowed to drive. Sometimes fourteen year olds babysit or need a ride home from somewhere. It is easier for parents and early teenagers if early teenagers are allowed to drive.

  • Teen driving is bad enough!

    We all know that most of the accidents in now day times are caused by, or involve teenage drivers. We should wait until kids are adults to let them drive. 18 PEOPLE! We don't trust them enough to vote until 18, why let them drive before 18? We should make it a federal law!

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