Should they make a 4th how to train your dragon movie?

  • I love these movies

    When i saw the first one it was very funny and i liked it a lot. My favorite character is toothless he's funny and has an interesting fire ball thing. I like when the dragons in the second movie were fighting each other. Their just good movies. The dragons are funny.

  • The movies are amazing!

    I think they should make another movie becuase the movies are just so amazing. Toothless is supper cute and awsome the should make another becuase allof the movies start out nice and callm and then there right there all of that calmness comes to an end and then all of the action is there!

  • What is this movie again?

    Bro i haven't watched this booty movie in like a decade. It's just not GOOD AT ALL. Period. So while i was reading the declaration of independence i found a little pen just scrunched into the middle of the scroll. Inside the pen i found V-Bucks. I got the skull trooper bois!

  • No, They shouldn't.

    The series got very stale after the second movie, And now everything is just more of the same and very predictable. I think it's a waste of good money which could be used to make new and better franchises. It just doesn't make sense to me considering the state the franchise is in.

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