Should they make a five night's at Freddy's movie?

  • It has a lot of potential!

    The movie should have a vibe of Wes Craven's Deadly Friend with the deadly robot, but I think the director of it should be Michael Dougherty of Trick r Treat and Krampus fame. It seems right up Michael Dougherty ally, because he can take the child-like atmosphere of the Pizzeria with the horror of the murders and possessed animatronics.

  • YES! Don't be a hatter

    If you don't like it don't watch it. But there are some people who would love to see it. If it freaks you out then don't watch it if your parents tel you no then don't watch it, but for the people who can, let them be young, and enjoy their life. I'm not saying that if oyu can't see this movie you can't enjoy life, all i'm saying is to not be a hatter.

  • Tons of Fans & No Personal Reasons Not To

    There are so many FNAF fans out there that would love a movie to be made, and they would actually watch it. If you have no intention of watching the movie even if it was made, then you shouldn't vote anyway. I'm not even that big a fan of FNAF and my younger brother is terrified of some of the characters, but even I can say that a FNAF movie would be something people would watch. There doesn't seem to be that big a reason not to make it except for technical stuff in the movie industry. The "no" argument doesn't seem all that strong on this debate either. Some may say a movie would be to scary for the younger audience that is bound to watch it, but that's what movie ratings are for. Rate it pg13 or R or whatever based on how it's made and then BAM parents will stop younger kids from watching it, or if it's rated R, kids can't watch it in theaters without an adult anyway. FNAF was pretty big for awhile and I feel as though lots of people would watch the movie.

  • Because it would be the best movie ever!!

    First fnaf is the best game ever.
    Second fnaf is very good for a horror movie.
    Third fnaf will scar our sock's off.
    Forth we will love it
    And the fnaf fans out there will too.
    I made some fan made oc's like bonxy, fredxy ,
    chicxy, and the leader foxy.

  • Enough movies based off of video games

    We already have enough crappy movies based off of Video Games, and we really don't need any more. If you can give me one movie based on a video game that was well received by critics and audiences alike, I'll concede this point. Just comment a link to a rotten tomatoes page.

  • You are wrong

    I pray for people like you who think that the shit bucket known as FNAF would make an adequate movie. I don't see any production company picking it up, and certainly, nobody who values their life would see it, as they would be publically ridiculed for the rest of their life.

    My mother makes me feel weak, powerless, futile

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