• Great thinking game

    It's a wonderful game. It's funny and makes you think. There's so much history involved in the entire half-life/portal time line. Seeing Cave Johnson expose more of it was great. I'd like to learn even more. The physics that go on in the game are fun also. Even if some of the stuff doesn't exist, it's still fun as hell.

  • Atlas and P-Body

    Although there would not be much more of a storyline for Chell, towards the end of Portal 2, Atlas and P-Body were created (the two robots you play as in co-op) to continue testing with GLADOS. Perhaps a third installment of the series could incorporate using both of them, switching between the two like in Kingdom Hearts or so.

  • Why would they not?

    Portals were a financial success. Stay on the gravy train and we will buy it, no matter what some may say!
    Finding an intelligent game is getting harder. If they do, take the game outside in a created environment where Glados is asking for help...From her friend. Maybe the bots take over?

  • It's too good!

    Portal is still left way too open ended for it to stop on 2, and the dynamic between Glados and Chell is slowly shifting from murder psycho, to murder psycho friends. Not to mention the talk of the co-designer Caroline, who Glados was so obviously modeled after. Even a game that shows what life is outside of the Portal testing facility would help give much needed insight for the fans and solidify the Half-life universe.

  • Amazing game with a cult following

    The story of Portal 2 was without a doubt, phenomenal; however the story of the co op was there however was nothing special... But who cares?? The co op levels were fun, Brain twisting puzzles which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also, I think a 3rd game would really give the creaters a chance to try new things. Who's to say there weren't other facilities in other countries with looser regulations? Valve still hasn't elaborated on chell's history either. And what about black mesa? Sounds like a new landscape to elaborate on some yet untold stories. (Side note, imagine chell in a facility in Singapore or some other country (black Mesa facility perhaps) testing under a GLaDOS equivalent that sounds like Siri... Would be a bit creepy/funny).

  • Because the series is so popular, I say yes!

    Because the series is so popular that making a portal 3 would excite everybody! I mean, Portal was cool, everybody loved Portal 2, why not make a 3rd one? If it was made well, then then gamers that are in to that genre of games would be all over it!

  • Should they? Yes. Will they? Absolutely not.

    Why they should is intuitively obvious. The first game was a runaway success. The second was just as successful and different enough to keep us interested. A third would no doubt be able to do the same, though that's where I think it should end, preferably with Chell encountering a headcrab. :D

    Why they won't: 2 words. Gabe Newell.

  • Even though Valve has something against trilogies

    Valve has never failed us before, and while the 3rd game in many series tend to flop, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the writers at Valve are fully capable of kicking out another quality feature. No true fan of this game will have a problem with waiting several years as long as we see one more Portal.

  • Absolutely without a doubt

    Portal and especially portal 2 were highly addictive, non-violent, and highly satisfying games. Portal 2 is one of the few games that I've played over, and even spent time with my young daughter trying to get her to figure out the different levels. The game simply sucked me in and wouldn't let go!!

  • Amazing game in general.

    I think Portal 3 should be made. It should be like Portal 2 though in the fact that they took AGES to make it, yet it was made so well. Another Portal would be amazing, but lots of time should be put into it to ensure it doesn't ruin the franchise/series.

  • Valve should not make a Portal 3

    Valve ended Portal 2 sufficiently. Chell is now free and does not have to test again. A Portal 3 would be pointless. GLADOS would not force her to test even if she deleted Caroline. There might be something she needs to do outside Aperture, but it would be a pointless sequel. If Valve were to make one, it would be because they ran out of ideas.

  • No, they should not make a Portal 3

    I expect it would sell well and be really popular, but it could very easily destroy the franchise. Also, the first two games were very similar, albeit with different environments, so a third game would just start becoming repetitive. Therefore, they should not make a Portal 3 and ruin the franchise.

  • Plot was set up to end after Portal 2

    Spoilers ahead. If Chell was to return to Aperture, it would completely ruin the second half of Portal 2. If the emotional connection between GLADoS and Chell turned out to be a lie, I, for one, would be heartbroken. If they added a new protagonist, everybody would says things like, "It's not the same!" Also, they added the Workshop so new content is continually introduced.

  • Too much of a good thing.

    I was interested in Portal and played it when it came out, before it became a gigantic cultural phenomenon. It was clearly set up as a one-off game. They had to change the ending so that having Portal 2 made any sense at all. Even then there were numerous things that didn't line up with the first game, and lots of things in Portal 2 that completely strain credulity, with moon rocks and such. Sure it was fun, and it was a good game. But in terms of suspending disbelief the series has already overdrawn itself. I can't see a 3rd doing anything but causing problems. And Half Life DEMANDS a sequel. Not interested in more Portal.

  • A prequel will have a bigger chance to success

    Okay, hear me out. I love Portal more than anything else and I'd love to see more of it. However, what's there more to see? Chell's arc is completely, perfectly wrapped up and in short, a super satisfying curtain close. The devs answered all of our questions about Aperture history, about Glados, about Chell's surviving efforts' outcome. Should we really bring her back into Aperture just to breed more issues? No. And for the people who suggest that Portal 3 should be about someone else, or about Chell but in a different setting, they forgot what made Portal Portal: Aperture, and to be more strictly, GLaDOS and her robotic minions (cores and turrets). Its constant dystopian humor and the cold, lonely, underground, human-free environment sets it apart from its close brother Half Life. I know with the talent at Valve, it won't be surprising if they pull up another fresh cast of well-developed characters, however, let that be something of another title. Do you know that Portal 2 was originally intended to be without Chell or GLaDOS, but the playtesters were unsatisfactory and demands were so high that Valve had to bring them back? Portal has been a wonderful journey, and honestly I really like to see it gets a prequel circa the Cave Johnson era or a spinoff on GLaDOS and her birds, but that's it. No following up on Chell or anything after Portal 2. It's good to know when to stop , be satisfied with what the devs have created for us, looked back on the wonderful memories of a gaming masterpiece and move onto something else.

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