• It could work... Possibly

    Something like this would be hard to do, especially how Adam wants it done. I would say it needs to be a comedic point and click game set around the plot of an episode new or old. Telltale or whatever company that speclizes in the type of games would do it.

  • It would be awesome

    To fit the R-rated nature of the sitcom itself the game should be rated M (and maybe by suprised AO). Lots of comic mischief in this game there should be. One level can be called (as a parody of beat the pinata) "Beat the Newman." The more you beat up Newman, the more points you get. This would make for a fun game. LMAO

  • Video games based on TV = Bad idea

    Not only do I believe in the theory that most video games based on television shows and/or movies usually flop, Seinfeld was a great Tv Show....years ago. I really don't think re-hashing what was once great into a video game, will give those former fans of the show the desire to return let alone play.

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