Should they make a Star Wars Old Republic movie?

Asked by: Cman555
  • Galactic war at a scale never before seen

    SWTOR puts the W into Star Wars. An entire Empire vs. Full Republic would make Avengers look like a Sunday morning news program, small and insignificant. There is just soooo much material to work from, the Fatal Alliance book would be a great starting point. Come on people, let's make a SWTOR movie happen.

  • Trailer looks interesting.

    I like Star Wars and the trailer looks interesting. I don't see why the game can't be made into a movie. There would just need to be the people willing to do it. But the trailer looks interesting and maybe someday somebody I will play the game. That's all I have to say.

  • Yes, they should

    We all have seen the trailers for the video games of Old Republic and the games themselves! They are extremely cool and have a great story plot. Which many adults,teens and kids like the Old Republic theme (unlike clone wars or other shows that only kids or adults like). So in my case i believe this should be made a movie by someone, even a short film or whatever, but something that's amazing just like the games.

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