• Evo "Theory" Not Science

    Darwin, himself, had serious misgivings, and wrote about the short comings & holes in his theory. He fully expected that evidence of evolutionary fossil chains would arise, and fill in the holes in his theory, but, alas, they have not. Like to take a guess why? Simply because they don't exist. Over 50 years of desperately scratching about, and when evolutionary scientist, or archeologists do find their "evidences", they are swiftly repudiated, and discounted. Want to take a guess as to why? Simply because Darwin's theory of inter species evolution has never happened, is not happening, and never will happen. Thanks to Hoyle's expanding universe, Wilson and Penzia's Cosmic Microwave Band, it's clear that the Big Bang created the now expanding universes, and that there must have been a timeless, all powerful, all knowing creator to bring that about. That's God, don't you know. So much more believable than the alternative theories, which call for much more faith, than the average believer has in God as creator. Glad to clear all this up!!!

  • The idea of evolution is hypocritical

    Evolution is a belief to explain how humans came to be. Sounds familiar? The same can be said about creationism and yet that is definately banned from schools because not everyone believes in it. Well guess what? Not everybody believes in evolution. If the teachings creationism are not allowed then the teachings of evolution should not be allowed.✝

  • Darwinian evolution teaches lies

    Why? Because life only comes from life, Mutation do not work like evolution needs them to (Mutations randomly add and delete letters. Just the differences between bacteria and fungus are library’s worth of DNA information), Information does not happen by accident (guess what DNA is? DNA is information). Out of the millions and millions of generations that we have been observing bacteria, do you know what bacteria has become? Bacteria is still bacteria, we cannot even force, with all our technology bacteria to be anything different than bacteria

  • Evolution & Creationism are a waste of time we don't have.

    The question of what should be taught in the public science classroom must be posed. How do we shape the minds of each successive generation in order to prepare them for scientific progress, innovation, and breakthrough? Posing philosophical questions surrounding origins and then giving students an inferred conclusion touted as scientific fact is the most ludicrous approach to shaping their minds for innovation and technological breakthrough. The reality of issues that need the attention of our scientific minds are going overlooked. Real questions need to be asked of the next generation, ones that will address hunger, gridlock, energy sustainability, waste, medicine, water scarcity, and many more that have nothing to do with philosophy. Satisfying a pondering or an inquisitive itch is preposterously arbitrary, yet quenching one's thirst with clean abundant water, offering speedy and efficient transportation, or ending the pangs of hunger with smarter ways to farm is quite possible and is worthy of scientific focus. We need to teach the youth of today to face problems and ask them to address such issues in the light of scientific progress and innovation, not inference and postulation. Then our society will be in a position of continued and sustainable breakthrough that will bring wealth and prosperity for generations to come.

    Evolution and Creationism fail scientifically when one attempts to observe, test, replicate, and verify the claims of either camp. We mustn't teach our future generations to infer. We must teach them to innovate and progress.

  • They should stop

    I'm a scientist and I know that evolution is impossible. It makes no sense. The origin of evolution was Darwin an English man 200 yes ago. He did not have a real laboratory, We cannot believe a story told by a man 200 yrs ago. What kind of world do we live in, He linked homosapiens from homo erect us from Africa because he did not know about red Indiana in americas

    Posted by: Dilo
  • Absolutely Not, children should not believe in Fairy-tales

    Evolution is a proven scientific fact, and to have children believe that the world was created 6,000 years ago by a bearded man in the sky because an ancient middle-eastern book says so is completely ludicrous. Children should be taught the truth, the truth being fact, not fiction. Creationism is absolute nonsense.

  • If they Teach Science, they Must Teach Evolution as it is the only Scientific Concept:

    The only time a school should not teach evolution is if they have no Science classes. As soon as they introduce Science classes, the must teach Evolution, as it is the only sound scientific basis of Biology, Zoology and Entomology. There is no other explanation for the vast array of life on Earth that is scientific. No other Theory comes anywhere near Evolution.

  • That's a horrible idea

    Evolution is the most concrete theory we have based on science. It's probably flawed, it's probably wrong in a few spots here and there, but does anybody actually want to make the case that creationism makes more sense? Evolution is the best explanation we have and it should be taught as exactly that, not 100% on the mark but as close as we've using reason so far been able to get.

  • No they should not.

    They should not stop teaching evolution in school. It has enough scientific research behind it, and they have enough scientific findings that back evolution. As far as anyone can tell, evolution is the truth so it must be taught in schools. If they stop teaching evolution, they may as well just stop teaching about gravity, the Moon, or even start telling kids that the earth is flat.

  • Evolution is science.

    Several Supreme Court transcripts support my vote in favor of teaching scientific facts in school. Evolution has as much evidence supporting it as the theory of gravity and the geocentric theory. It has even been observed in laboratories! The sciences of biology, physics and chemistry cannot exist without a comprehensive understanding of universal theories such as geocentric theory and evolution. Never stop teaching the truth, and most importantly, never ever stop teaching students to think critically and reach decisions based on logic as supported by evidence.

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