Should they reboot Sherlock Holmes (all chapters)?

Asked by: watevas808
  • Big fan of it.

    I think Sherlock Holmes is one of the best mystery novels of all time. Although I am a big fan, I cannot handle watching the old school Sherlock Holmes. I would prefer if they did it like the Sherlock Holmes the movie or the Sherlock the show but with all the chapters included.

  • No, we still have Sherlock!

    Why would we need to reboot it? Because America isn't getting it? Grow up you pansies, BBC has one of the best incarnations of Sherlock Holmes ever. Sorry it doesn't star Americans, but Sherlock Holmes is a BRITISH CHARACTER. I'm not saying all americans are against other countries, and to those of you who are american and fans of Sherlock (otherwise known as NOT WHO I'M TALKING TOO) Please don't comment saying everything I just said but in a different way. Here's an idea, how about Americans stop trying to reboot European things for an american audience and just adapt.

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