• A favorite show to return soon. Many voting in favor of X Files

    Was always interesting and spell binding. Worth being resurrected with the original cast. The on going mystery was the most exiting part of this show. David Duchovny and Anderson would be by far the best to bring back their roles. I truly hope this comes to pass even if it is with new stars

  • They're rebooting everything else.

    I'm as much a fan of the X Files as the next guy. But to say it isn't due for a reboot is absurd, I mean the series hasn't been popular since the early 2000s.
    Sarcastic person: "Uh, they already rebooted it. It was called Fringe."
    As much as Fringe has in common with the X Files (which isn't a lot), they're not the same thing. The X Files was a show shrouded in mystery. Smart people watched it. Nowadays, all TV is just Honey Boo Boo & Jersey Shore. Is it so much to ask that someone creates an intelligent TV show, and it isn't cancelled just because dumb people don't get it? (Firefly, Dollhouse, Fringe, Futurama, Arrested Development)

    BTW If they reboot it, I think it should star Guy Pearce as Mulder and Jessica Chastain as Skully.

  • It has done well

    I think the X-Files should not be rebooted. It had 9 seasons and it is more than enough. Furthermore it would not be the same with other actors than Duchovny and Anderson. It would be very hard to reboot this series without damaging its reputation. I think it was a great show and it ended as it should have.

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