• Thiomersal should be banned

    Any type of substance that contains symptoms that can lead to autism in young children should be considered and taken very seriously. Thiomersal has the chance to be very harmful to could lead to long term damage to many kids that cannot be fixed. Therefore in my opinion this should definitely be banned.

  • It does more good then harm.

    I do not think vaccines containing thiomersal should be banned. Vaccines have revolutionized the health of the world over the last 100 years, saving countless lives, and enabling people to live longer healthier lives. If thiomersal does cause autism, which I don't think has been proved anyhow, then the risks must be weighed up against the vast benefits of these vaccines.

  • No, I don't think thiomersal should be banned.

    Overall the studies are inconclusive on whether or not thiomersal is linked to causing autism or not so until there is a clear link established I don't think we should be banning this very useful compound, I think that everyone who uses it should be aware of the claims and be able to decide if they wish to continue using it or not.

  • It should be studied more

    No, I do not believe that thiomersal should be banned just yet for its possible link to autism in children. It is not known for certain that this cause autism so banning it may be in vain. More test should be done before moving forward in banning any substance. If it found that it is strongly linked then banning should be the next step.

  • The link is not yet proven

    Until the link is definitively proven, then no, thiomersal should not be banned alone just due to unfounded fears. Parents can certainly be warned, and maybe warning labels of anything containing thiomersal are possibilities, but the whole overall economy should not have to go without it just to maybe protect kids.

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