Should Third Party IVF to be perceived as an attempt to play God?

Asked by: Alice_W
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  • Unless they are doing it for a reason other than to purely help couples with fertility.

    If they are trying to get a specific gene set (example would be blue eyes blond hair), or avoid a genetic disorder/cause one (By testing the embryos before implementing for things like down syndrome, not avoiding their own by using other peoples egg/sperm), I think it could be in some cases.

    Personally if you are just going to use someone else's egg/sperm anyway, why not just do embryo adoption.

  • In general I`d say no, but still have some concerns.

    As stated if someone helps with you fertile problem that`s great.
    But what you will say in case of over-intervention?
    I understand traditional ways of IVF (IUI, ICSI, etc), when doctors helps you with natural processes and don`t try to do anything beyond this.
    In case of 3d person IVF they literally throw out the entrails of one egg and change their intestines with another. So there are some gens from donor.
    What do you think about it?
    Does it makes any sense? Or it`s easier to use donor eggs and forget about this?

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