Should this new Michael Jackson album, "Xscape", be released?

  • Xscape should be released - if the music is there, why not?

    It's always unfortunate when an artist dies, but with the release of Xscape, it means that fans of Michael Jackson will have one last chance to listen to new music of their idol. It's the same as releasing a movie after the actor has died - if the media is there, why not release it to let people enjoy it?

  • Yes, the new Michael Jackson album "Xscape" should be released.

    Yes, the new album of Michael Jackson's music, "Xscape", should be released. Michael Jackson's fans would enjoy new and remixed music by this singer. Many deceased musicians, such as Jimi Hendrix, have had albums successfullly released long after their death. Many of Michael Jackson's fans will enjoy this new album if it is released.

  • Yes it should.

    I do think that it should be released. I think that anything that we have found from Michael Jackson that hasn't previously been released should be released now. Many people still love him very much and it would make his fans feel good to have new music to listen to.

  • Michael's fans need it

    Yes, I think that this album should be released now, and it should be promoted as a piece of music gold, because that what it is. I think that Michael's fans would be absolutely thrilled to have an exclusive album of their beloved artist, and they should be the ones that enjoy it.

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