• Just in general

    Without even knowing what case is referred to, in general bail is set way too high. Most criminals are going to show up in court anyway, for fear of further charges and the police constantly looking for them. Trials are so delayed people sit with high bail for a year, only to have charges dismissed later.

  • There's no link to this debate question

    I'm confused on what I should be debating on because there is no link or anything to give me an idea of what man we are talking about and what kind of crime he may have committed to make his bail whatever it is (something I also do not know) so I cannot clearly give an opinion.

  • No, This Young Man's Bail Should not be Set at a Lower Price

    Bail is set by the court based on several factors including the seriousness of the charged crime, the defendant's past criminal record, whether a defendant is employed, and whether a defendant has close ties to relatives and the community. We must trust the court's decision on the amount of bail in this case and all other cases.

  • Bail should be set high for young man

    The task did not specify the young man in question so I am unable to provide detail regarding the supporting argument. If there was suppose to be a link or a photo attached, it did not come through so I will just offer this feedback for further clarification. And ask to the task to be resubmitted.

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