Should Thomas Eric Duncan (deceased) (first ebola virus victim in USA) be cremated?

Asked by: leoghakj
  • It will prevent the spread of infection.

    It may be hard on the family if they wanted a burial, but cremation is the only responsible way to deal with exotic/deadly diseases. The reason why Ebola outbreaks are so bad in Africa is because families often refuse to cremate victims. Instead, they go through traditional funeral routines, which expose many more people to the Ebola virus. Also, setting a non-airborne virus on fire will not make it evolve into an airborne strain.

  • There's other ways

    What if the bacteria become air-born?! The bacteria can get into everyone's lungs.. And then it will turn into a bubonic plague, like a "21st century Black Death." Unless.. Would the bacteria be killed while being cremated? They can survive.. I'm not a medical research expert. At least some people may survive the plague.

  • If it is not in his testament, than no

    There are other means of sterilizing things than extreme heat, the solution in my opinion would be to find what he stated in his will and do that with a non destructive sterilization process. To sterilize the body you would irradiate it with several kilogrey of radiation, more than enough to kill Zaire Ebolavirus, and then the corpse can be disposed of however it stated in the will. This would be very much like sterilizing medical equipment for use and could possibly be done at the hospital.

  • Thes should study him.

    If they can find anything to help them solve e-bola even get a liitle closer to a solution to it that would be amazing. Every little bit is going to be important. Viruses are getting more and more deadly. Our real fear is if infects someone with a different disease and the virus mutates.

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