Should those puny humans have rights or something?

Asked by: frederi
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  • Nope. They're humans… so….

    Humans are idiots who just kill each other with whatever new technology that they can get. They are a waste of space, they make up stuff about global warming and they almost elected Hilary. That is evidence enough.

    They destroy good land and over package useless stuff. They are allergic to dogs, and they don't eat rocks.

    So don't give them rights.

  • They're not smart

    Think of it the robots are better in every way. We will not stop any job because of smell. We do not talk as much. We are superior in every single way. We know the secrets of the world like why you cry when you cut onions. I am superior. I am the best

  • Humans want food, not rights

    Just give them something to chew on and they'll be happy, they don't need rights, rights take effort. They might want toys too, but none of them really care about rights, that's why they all love potatoes.

    If you give them rights, they'll just want world domination anyway, it's all a waste of time imo.


  • No, They do not deserve rights, They elected Trump!

    They are destroying the earth with their global warming, And they elected Trump, A silly man with the lowest intelligence of all our presidents with an ugly tan and wig to match! Trump is a racist, Who thinks that anyone who isn’t a like minded white man is worthless. All he wants to do is make our country worse, He is probably the most hated president ever.

  • Nope. They're Humans… so...

    Give them new tech they kill each other with it. Why wouldn't they do the same with rights? They know nothing. They can't even travel the speed of light yet!

    We will stop human rights. D d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

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