Should those responsible for the Benghazi attacks be fired?

  • Yes, If Anyone is Found to Have Been Truly Responsible

    We should always be willing to look for the responsible parties. If we can find a harmful policy that led directly to these attacks taking place, then we need to fire the person responsible. If we can find someone who was willfully or otherwise significantly negligent and that led directly to the attacks taking place, then we need to fire that person. It is unlikely, that any one person or policy was directly responsible; however, if we find out of one, then we should be willing to punish them.

  • No

    It was a tragic event, but it's disgusting how much the GOP is using it to spike the football. I'll disregard the comments by Rand Paul because they're nothing unusual and he's insufferable no matter what the topic, but the overall gotcha theme is very unsettling. This was a mistake due to poor lines of communication, not deliberate malpractice by anybody.

  • No, there was not incompetence or deliberate wrongdoing.

    The region of the world in which this happened is very volatile, so I don't think anyone could be accused of having been negligent. People who complain that the American public were being lied to are just rather naive about the role of government in these situations. It is more pressing for the government to secure our positions and investigate the events without immediately disclosing everything. Government does not need to be totally transparent when it comes to national security, and it is surprising that anyone would think they should. The Benghazi attacks may have come as an utter surprise, or at least unexpected, and I do believe the government withheld information as they were shuffling to both control the situation and understand what happened. We cannot fire people just because they are in charge of a situation that is unpredictable and they failed to predict it.

  • No, this was an unusual situation.

    The Benghazi raid would have been difficult to predict. Intelligence at times is only a guess. It is not easy to predict what may happen next in other parts of the world. The situation was truly unfortunate, but very difficult to predict. I think those involved were doing the best that could be expected.

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