Should those who disagree with what is politically correct face "consequences" for voicing those opinions?

Asked by: zoinks
  • Voicing your opinion works both ways.

    You can't blame people who are taking offense to what you say for telling you off if you are reserving the right to say those things in the first place. Having unpopular opinions is fine, and voicing them is fine, but the fact that people might not agree with you is the risk you take. Yes people might berate you and reject you for what you are saying, but that is the same way the targets of your politically incorrect opinions feel as well. If you are supporting the ability to speak your mind freely, then everyone else gets that right too, and unfortunately that means sometimes you will be outnumbered by your opposition

  • Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences.

    Freedom of speech only means the government can't punish you for saying what you want (and even that has some limitations -- try threatening the President and see what happens). It does not mean that your employer can't fire you, that businesses can't ban you, and that people can't shun you for being an unmitigated bigot.

  • "Consequences" Are Just An Attempt To Censor Those Who Disagree

    I'm not sure why so many people think they have the right to be the police of free speech. Their stance is as follows: "Sure the government won't send you to jail for speaking your mind, but if you don't agree with me, or what is politically correct, or the current trend, then I and others like me will make sure you FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!" There NO REASON to attack anyone because they dare to disagree with you, or what is politically correct, popular, or trendy. Everyone has as much right to their opinion as you have to yours. It's absolutely DISGUSTING that anyone thinks they have the right to dole out "consequences" to those who don't agree with them. It's just a pathetic attempt to make everyone toe the line and agree with the masses like so many sheep.

    BOTTOM LINE: It doesn't matter what someone says, they have a right to voice their opinion without being attacked by those who want to shut them up.

  • Too many taboos and PC police attacks free speech.

    Do not let these people who promote the popular opinion and taboo the unpopular opinion disguise themselves as liberals. They are no such thing. Neo-liberals support free speech and oppose authoritarian principles. These people should be exposed as Cultural Marxists who suppress unpopular ideas because they are inconvenient to their agendas. Whenever you see someone being publicly ridiculed on television for saying something that is "offensive," this is the work of cultural marxists in the media. Everyone deserves the right to say whatever they want, whether it be "offensive," or against popular culture norms. You do not have to agree with what they said, but you have no right to stop them from saying it.

  • People Have A Right To Their Opinion.

    Anybody remember when Oprah got sued over her remarks about ground beef? I do. Mad Cow disease was on the rise in the UK and she did an episode about it. A guest discussed why processed livestock should not be fed to cattle. She responded with something as simple as, "... Just stopped me cold from eating another burger." Next thing you know, Oprah was sued by Beef producers. She stressed that it (the show) was about Mad Cow disease. Her response, in question, was not to hurt the industry or create a lynch mob. It was just her personal opinion. Voicing her opinion led to 6 long years of legal wrangling, a pile of legal fees, etc. Finally, a judge dismissed the case. Having an "opinion" was estimated to have cost Oprah $1M or more!

    It doesn't matter if we are talking about food we may, or may not, feel comfortable eating ... Political correctness ... One of many food-borne illness outbreaks ... Gun-rights ... Or prayer. People have the right to their personal opinion. Now, if they are under contract and their opinion violates some clause of that contract, that's different. The bottom-line ... Oprah had the right to her opinion back in the 90's. Robertson has a right to his. It may not be politically-correct, or eloquent. It may be crude to even share. Still, people have the right to a personal opinion.

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