• They are breaking the law.

    Although I know some people have crazy student loans, they should have picked a different college if they didn't think they could get a job good enough to pay them off once out of school. If people don't pay their student loans, they are breaking the law. It's as simple as that.

  • no way man

    A person shouldn't be arrested for not paying their student loans. If they start doing that then our jails will be even more crowded and it's not necessary. We should find an alternative such as community service for those in need. However sending a person to prison or jail isn't the solution.

  • No, people should not be arrested for not paying their student loans.

    No, arresting people wouldn't take the debt away. Student loan debt is a big a problem in the United States, but people who get student loans are trying to improve their lives. More than likely, if they cannot pay, they don't have the means to. In my opinion, people who can't pay their student loans should be bailed out, just as the big Wall Street banks were.

  • Student loan debt isn't worth it

    These days, a person almost has to take out loans to get through college. Paying them back isn't always easy, especially considering the amount of debt you are already in when you get out of college. After graduating, you are given a six month period where no payment is required, but must begin paying on your loans after that. Often times, that simply isn't enough time to get on your feet AND have the resources to pay your student loans back. Sometimes it takes years to get to that point. Arresting someone for not being financially stable is ludicrous! There needs to be a better way for people to deal with their student loan debt.

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