Should those who feel Trump is wrong and unfit for presidency still support him as their new leader?

  • Yes, they should.

    They should just support him as their leader even though they believe he is not fit to to rule them. This is because the majority voted hi in and he managed to win the elections. Whether they like it or not, Trump is still their president. The only thing that they have to do is to accept the fact and move on.

  • What Good Would Come From Rioting?

    I understand some feel that Trump is crazy, outlandish and above all unfit for the oval office. This doesn't mean we shouldn't support him as president. Trump has made clear in many interviews, speeches and reading that he loves his country and his people and wishes the best for them. He has many of good advisors by his side helping him to do his political work. Even if he doesn't live up to his promises what good would come from violating and defacing public property in a riot against him. In his victory speech, Donald Trump stated that, now is the time for us to come together as democrat and republican and to do our best for ourselves, our families and our country.

  • He is the president.

    No matter how much you hate Donald Trump and think he's an idiot he still is the president and you should respect him as such. That being said, people disrespected Obama left and right and he was a respectable president. But that is what makes this country great because we can criticize our leaders and condemn them for the stupid things they do. So respect but always be knowledgeable about what is right and what needs to be done.

  • Despite misgivings, support Trump to support America

    According to the popular vote, the majority of the nation supported Hillary Clinton as their next Commander in Chief. The 2016 election period has been particularly divisive, leaving many Americans feeling that the next four years will work against their priorities. As President Obama has reiterated, a peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of democracy; despite his agenda, all Americans owe Trump the opportunity to be a successful president. Those dissatisfied with the outcome should focus on working within the system, including with Trump himself, as well as in their own communities to effect the changes they hoped to see officiated from the White House.

  • People should not support any president they think is unfit

    One of the great things about living in these United States is the right to essentially do as you please. That includes not supporting anyone that you do not care to support. If somebody does not feel that Donald Trump is fit to be president, then don't support him. This is a free country.

  • I sure won't

    I won't for the same reason conservatives didn't support, even going so far as to hate, President Obama. I don't agree with his platform, the way he handles himself, and I despise his vice president choice, pence. As a result unless I am proved wrong, I will not support trump and I will not vote for him in the 2020 election.

  • If you have nothing in common with a politician it makes no sense to support him

    I grudgingly accept that barring the possibility of faithless electors voting for Hillary instead that Trump will be the United States' next president.

    But there is nothing in his platform that redeems him. There is nothing in his opinions, his attitudes, or his character that redeems him.

    As I see nothing in common with him I don't see a reason to support him, so I won't. I hope that Democrats in Congress make good use of the filibuster. Unlike Republicans I will say that if Trump does happen to support something that will actually be helpful, such as a trade deal that is more protective of the lower and middle classes in this country then I will support him on that occasion and hope the Democrats in Congress will too.

    I grudgingly accept that Trump will be the United States' next president. I do NOT support him, I grudgingly accept him.

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