Should those wild teen parties be busted (the parties with alcohol and drugs, etc.)?

Asked by: savvga13
  • It is illegal!

    If the government says that minors drinking alcohol and drugs are illegal then that should be and the wild parties should be busted. For one thing it is not safe because these parties have no adult supervision and what happens if someone dies from a drug or two gangs pick up a fight? The teens might do something irresponsible like setting the house on fire or something. And maybe they shouldn't be busted but if this is so a couple of police or responsible adults should be supervising and patrolling the area to make sure nothing serious happens.

  • There are no positive experiences gained

    It is illegal for teens to drink alcohol, so of course these parties should be banned as the behaviour is against the law. It is also illegal for them to take drugs.

    These parties are not safe for the teens, many get carried away in the heat of the moment and do things they might regret for the rest of their lives. Teens have often died from fights, drugs and alcohol problems, gotten unwanted pregnancies and gotten arrested as a result. Our job as adults is to try to protect teens from ruining their lives before they are even developed enough to enjoy them.

  • Yes they are too loud

    Yes they should bust up those parties. I have teens living next to me and they're parties are loud and the music horrible. I don't care if they're drinking or not, I just want them shut down.

    Maybe you could do something about those damn kids on my lawn too.

  • Teens will always break the rules.

    Part of growing up is experimenting. Yes they will have their parties but they must sneak around and find out of the way places just as every generation before them has done. When a party becomes obvious then the police should respond and send them packing. Part of the excitement is that they are breaking the rules.

  • I guess the obvious answer is yes, DUH, teens should not be allowed to do this, but there are certain arguments that can be made.

    My argument is simple: everyone knows these parties can be dangerous and will probably be busted in the future, so yes, these parties should be stopped. Besides, these parties really cross the line between what's "fun" and what's "wild". Other people might say differently, and I would love to hear the various opinions. Thank you everybody, and please excuse my lame argument.

  • No not yet

    Before we get all serious about this whole mess of things, at least let me go to a teen party first. I have yet to experience one, and just because you adults are not invited doesn't mean we should ban them. We don't want to ban your parties, do we?

    Posted by: O.Z
  • No they need them.

    I know what everyone will say "oh she is probably also a teen. That is why she is siding with them on this" and yes i am a teen, but that is not the ONLY reason why i am saying these wild teen parties should be banned or whatever. Teens also need this experience, otherwise we would never have the experience of a "teen party", and we all know that later on humans will be looking for thrill, just let us get through that phase atleast

  • It's their choice

    Well i mean yeah we're loud and all, i don't party, but if they feel like they want to go out and do that then go ahead. Most can't get into clubs so that's the alternative. All they have to do is just ask their neighbors' if they can be loud. Surely the people next to them can go on a date night or can have a family day to walmart.

  • Everyone shall have some type of fun

    Everyone has the right to have some fun, people acting like they've never drank alcohol underage or had given alcohol to a minor. They are capable of knowing their limits ,when to go home or when to stop drinking. And if not their friends can help them. Let them goddamn live their life cause at one point you did the same..

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