• Tibet deserves not only freedom for its people but also freedom for its nation.

    Those who say that Tibetans have a higher quality of life may be right, but remember that the by-product of Chinese investment and infrastructure involves oppression, censorship, state terror and discrimination when comparing the rights of ethnic Chinese in Tibet over native Tibetans. The complete lack of individual rights in all China should concern more people than it does, and the fact that this kind of survey would be totally illegal in China and punishable by a long prison sentence doesn't sound any alarms?

    If you had to choose for yourself, would you rather live in a free Tibet or a "communist" China? If you had to choose higher development at the cost of all freedom would you? I highly doubt that any intelligent person would choose to live in a Stalinist industrial state over an undeveloped America.

    China's economic growth also shows signs of immense slowdown, considering the rampant corruption of government and untamed state enterprise consistently over-exploiting natural resources and water reserves, with over 300 MILLION Chinese without access to even fresh water, is China really benefiting Tibet even though they can't even care for their own?

    For those who say that the Dalai Lama doesn't "deserve" to regain Tibet, you shall be content in the knowledge that he doesn't even want to rule in any shape or form, he merely advocates autonomy for Tibet, which is asking too much considering the total control the CCP has over Tibet. Although in reality, it is asking too little for a people to have independence, for a culture that is being slowly wiped out by the state policy of China.

  • Yes, Tibet should have the option to be self-governing, because they have their own identity.

    The people of Tibet should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to be under the governance of China, or form their own self-governing country. As a people, and with having their own religious identity, they should be able to chart their own political future, and decide their own economic policies.

    Posted by: RaymoCanyons
  • It is enforcing Communism

    China has a communistic government and that should not hold any country under its power because it is forcing more of the world to become communistic. The people also have no rights or culture and are not Chinese and should not be considered Chinese or be ruled by the Chinese. Tibet was an independent country for centuries before China took over and they deserve that back.

  • Tibet has been an independent country for thousands of years, so they deserve their autonomy and independence.

    China has no right to include Tibet under its domain. Tibet is an independent and free nation, and it has the right to its sovereignty, as much as China. The massacres and loss of their culture and civilization is barbarian, and it should be stopped immediately.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Tibet should seek and gain independence, as it is under totalitarian rule and innocent people are being harmed.

    There has been much violence concerning Tibet and its desire to become independent. People are beaten and killed, while women are raped and tortured. That is not a good quality of life, as it is just barely existing. If a people choose to be independent of the sovereign, then they have the right to do so.

    Posted by: CowardlyVirgil31
  • I am for Tibet seeking and gaining independence, because the majority of the Tibetan people want to separate from China.

    No group of people should be forced to live under the rule of a government, especially one they do not identify with. Because the Tibetan people have their own culture and way of life, and do not see themselves as Chinese, they should be allowed to seek independence from China's rule.

    Posted by: NoisyAlva89
  • No country or group of people should be forced to be governed by the laws and governors of a land that they do not identify with.

    While I believe that Tibet is right to seek its own independence and is justified in peaceful protests, I do not believe that any and every ethnic group should seek autonomy from the local government. If you do not want to be governed by the local government because of a disagreement in culture or laws, then you should leave and find somewhere else to live. In a case like Tibet, however, since they are a fairly unique and separated area from the rest of China, they should feel free to seek independence.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Tibet should gain independence, because the majority of Tibetans desire it.

    The majority of Tibetans want to be an independent country. If so, give them their desire and end any disputes. The Dalai Lama has been in exile for years, just for this cause alone. It is a long time to spend away from one's own country. It is a spiritual nation, so that might benefit the people.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Tibet was taken over by China in a military action that was not legal, and it has a right to return to it's own sovereignty and governance.

    China was able to take over the governance of Tibet because the strict Buddhist beliefs of Tibetans prevented them from killing any living beings, and they could not adequately fight back against Chinese violence. Tibet was a separate country with its own customs, beliefs and government for many years and China has no legitimate cause to continue its repressive rule there.

    Posted by: RMoody
  • I believe every country should have a chance at becoming independent.

    Tibet should seek and gain independence just like any other country. If America gained it's independence with few hard working men then so the same could be for Tibet. Being independent is good. It is on your own that you realize exactly how much you are worth.

    Posted by: AllisonT
  • Should not be independent as

    They would be worse off without the backing up of such a huge and growing Chinese economy. Without China, Tibet would struggle to even survive. With the wealth of opportunity available in being with such a powerful country, Tibet should be thankful instead of fighting battles they can never win.

  • Tibetan people's welfare are better taken of in the long run under the Chinese.

    Just looking at how the Tibetan Government In Exile (now CTA) have been conducting the business of state affairs, it is clear they are unable to provide the infrastructure for progress. In addition, the CTA is just as oppressive as they accuse China to be. Even today, there is still a state sponsored program to persecute and marginalize those who want to worship their own Tibetan deity but not allowed to, and the reason given is that such a practice which is at least 350 years old, harms the Dalai Lama's life. Very closed minded government that does not value democracy.


  • No, as sad as it sounds, they just do not have the ability to defend or maintain a country on their own.

    If Tibet became independent, it would not only have to worry about a war with China, but any surrounding countries looking to peck off a weak starting country. Since Tibet can not stand on its own, it would be forced to accept help from some bigger country for protection, and all the terms and limitations such help would entail. Tibet would just become the Cuba of Japan, a puppet of a foreign power to keep watch over China.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Tibet is a part of China since out plant come into being!

    Of course not. Tibet is a part of China thousands years ago. But Tibet's leader's conviction changed a lot as a consequence of English and other foreign country's cultural invasion. What you heard is a one-side opinion from an old man who once attempt to split Tibet from China. But do you guys know what the Tibetan thought? Absolutely don't! Common Tibetan just want a peaceful life and transact necessities with mainland people- drinking, riding, marrying.
    What's more, they have never been oppressed that all of chinese people love and respect their culture and never intend to hurt them. It's the traitor Dalailama who put those people in danger. So, do not believe Dalailama again, who has deceived American a long time just for money and survival.

  • I disagree that Tibet should seek and gain independence, because they don't have the infrastructure to maintain it.

    However, I do believe Tibet should be given autonomy as the Dali Lama has suggested. Despite all the wrongs done by the Chinese government, since they took over, the life expectancy of the Tibetans has gone from 35 years to 65 years. There are now roads, transportation, cell phones, and other types of infrastructure that make life easier, as well as health care that didn't exist before. At the same time, though, Tibetans should be allowed to maintain their own language, culture, religion and traditions.

    Posted by: R02Born
  • It would be too difficult for Tibet to gain independence.

    Tibet is not equipped to gain its independence because the republic of China will not give it to them. Tibet would stand no chance in a war, and will ultimately be better off as an entity of China. China can industrialize the area and provide a better life for the Tibetans, whether or not they want to change. Tibetans are outmatched and might as well submit. I know this view is radical, but its also realistic.

    Posted by: R3ubHockey
  • If it can muster the ability to yes, but evidence shows progress is made by China.

    Peaceful resolutions are a step toward civility, but gain no more power then the sway of the word. China would rather assimilate and let the old ways die of the Tibetans. Modern access to facilities are now growing in the old lands, buses are moving people, and commodities are showing up. As far as modernizing Tibet is better of.

    Posted by: Bear
  • The survival of the fittest applies.

    The people of Tibet have a higher quality of life now that China has intervened. There will always be something sacrificed (in this case the culture) in order to improve over all. Just as one has to sacrifice hours of time for a pay check to afford nicer things, something must be sacrificed for Tibet to gain a higher quality of life.

  • Supporting China is not supporting Communism

    First, as president Teddy Roosevelt said: "Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official", so supporting China does not mean supporting communist government. I agree that CCP is corrupt and undemocratic, but support Dalai Lama does not mean oppose communism. Second, Dalai Lama is no more than a medieval slaveowner and is not fit to become a leader of a country.

  • Why should Tibet be an exception for territory?

    Tibet is a part of China because China took them. They shouldn't be independent just because they have a different ethnicity. Russia got Crimea, should Crimea be independent? NO! Countries win battles and gain territory which is what China did with Tibet. In order for Tibet to be independent, they would need to fight a battle, which won't happen.

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