• Ticket prices should be dependent upon the teams and audience's interest

    Like all businesses and products, sports teams are dependent upon the simple premise of supply and demand. If there is little demand to watch a particular team, then the supply is going to be higher. Less people are likely to be interested in watching the live game when they can watch it on TV. It is not necessarily favoritism, but simple interest in watching a specific team play.

  • No, Super Bowl tickets should not change

    The ticket prices for the Super Bowl should not depend on who is playing. The event itself is the main draw, the teams are a part of the event. Often more talked about at the Super Bowl are the commercials an the half time show. What should affect the ticket price is who is a part of that.

  • ​No. It should not depend on which team reach super Bowl. ​

    I think, history shows, that it always depends on which team performed better and worked hard, no matter how did they perform in their previous encounters. So many times, it happened, that team which won super bowl in previous year, lost the next year. it solely depends on the performance of teams.

  • Super bowl tickets should be priced by the venue, not the teams playing in the game.

    In this new age of wealth inequality there is no need for that to carry over into national pastimes like football and the Super Bowl. Prices for Super Bowl tickets should be priced based on the venue the game is being played and associated costs with half-time show entertainment. To price by the team is an insult to fans and attendees.

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