Should tidal energy be a major part of plans to fight global warming?

  • Very Abundant 70%

    The Ocean covers over 70% of the earth. If we were to use the ocean, not only is it renewable, it doesn't emit gases which could help us to push back against global warming. Global Warming is becoming more and more of an issue, and many of the energy sources being used right now are not helping, if not making it even worse. Tidal energy is renewable, and doesn’t require any fuel to be put out into the atmosphere. The ocean covers 71% of the planet. Although Tidal Energy is very expensive, “the potential magnitude of future electricity generation from tides/waves is absolutely staggering” (Harnessing Ocean Power: Why It Will Pay Off to Invest in Tidal Energy-Chris Marshall). I believe it would be a good idea to invest in tidal power because it could help eliminate global warming, it is renewable, and it is very abundant.

  • Yes. It would be a great resource to fight global warming.

    Making use of tidal energy also affects climate change positively because no harmful gases are being released. Climate change is affected by global warming which is caused by burning of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases which warm up our planet. If more people start using tidal power instead of fossil fuels, then I believe that global warming around the world will slowly start to decrease. Global warming is a serious problem and finding something to prevent it is important, which is why I believe this is one of the most valuable advantages of tidal energy.

  • Yes obviously, Of course!!

    Doing research and finding more and more information is so interesting tidal energy is clean, renewable and reliable source of curriculum energy. Only this energy should move on in the future fight for our rights to keep tidal electricity welcomed in the world. And fight for more power plants in Australia

  • Absolutely ! The Hope of The Future

    Tidal energy could be a large goal for the future. It is sustainable, emission free, pollution free. In the end the pros weigh out the cons anyways. Instead of building a jetpack,a car that can drive itself or the next iphone why would you not just put your money into something useful. Its already there we might as well?

  • Yes, it is effective.

    It doesn't emit greenhouse gases, it is reliable, not expensive to maintain, and when it is built, it is free. It leaves a very small carbon footprint, and is very beneficial. The advantages of tidal energy outweighs the disadvantages it has. Not many have been installed, but I believe it can steer the world in the right direction

  • YES! Tidal and Wave Energy is the energy of the future

    Tidal energy produces no pollutants and unlike the current fossil fuels, it is a renewable source of energy. As long as we have winds and the sun and moon waves and tides will continue to occur. It is more predictable than wind and solar energy and barrage dams protect coastlines from harsh weather

  • Yes it should

    Tidal energy and wave energy in general have massive potential and they need to be seriously implemented on a global level. Advanced technology that can readily utilize renewable energy is a major part of the solution to global warming and needs to be seriously done right now or else we're screwed.

  • YES! We need to do anything to save the world.

    Well, we LOVE our technology, and we LOVE our factories, but what we don't know is that we are causing global warming. We need to stop using too much energy because it will cause global warming and floods. Well it is so hard to not stop using energy because we want our world to be better. But do we really want to ruin our world? I mean, do we really need jetpacks or robots? Well, we can make that come true if we don't use fossel fuels. So, we need to use energy in a different way.

  • never know how it will turn out

    In today's society many people dont consider how uch effort goes into it unless it gets done. So making tidal power will because today most people dont what happens but the main advantage to it: money. Making this will cost millions, dependeing on the size but also the outcome to that is one will be saving money that would have been spent on the other energy source.

  • Tidal energy can help fight global warming, because it produced naturally, with no emissions.

    Tidal energy has a huge potential to help our world in both supplying our increasing energy needs, and fighting global warming. Being a naturally produced energy source, with no negative emissions, are the keys in how it can help in this way. It is also a hugely abundant, and currently wasted, source of energy that just needs a safe and affordable method of tapping into it. With the right technology, it has the potential to supply a good part of our energy needs, without any appreciable emissions.

    Posted by: BreakableTory86
  • No, there are better alternatives -Sydney Nelson

    Wind power is a better alternative than tidal power, this is because wind power has no harm to animal life and is more durable. Tidal power is still considered a “new technology”, so engineers don’t have very much experience so plenty could go wrong. Wind power has low operational costs, and doesn’t take up much land compared to tidal power which takes up a lot of the shore line. These problems can affect us because large dangerous appliances near areas we swim can be hazard for us as well as fish and problems like this can lead to extinction.

  • Should put money into other things

    I have researched this and I am sure that tidal energy would damage the aquatic life. However, solar energy is a much cleaner option. Apart from taking a massive ten years to build, it is also expensive. I do like it more then coal, but there are better options available.

  • I am skeptical that there will ever be enough electricity generated from tidal energy to make a significant difference.

    The main problem with renewable energy resources is that they can only account for a very small percentage of the national energy grid. Even doubling the output would increase it from maybe 7 percent to 15 percent. Tidal energy can only be generated in certain locations on the coast and really cannot be expected to be a significant percentage of the national energy grid. While it would be wise to increase it where possible, it will not be major part of the plan to fight global warming.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • No, tidal energy should not be a major part of the fight against global warming, because it is too obstructive.

    Tidal energy should not be a major part of the fight against global warming because, for cost-effective and abundant energy to be produced, there will need to be a lot of tidal power plants. These power plants have the potential to impact wildlife, and can present a problem for commerce and waterway travel, by crowding the waterways or taking up large areas of shoreline.

    Posted by: R4yAnych
  • There are better sources of energy that can fight global warming, other than tidal energy

    I believe that tidal energy is not the future. Obviously, it should be looked at. But there are many more promising forms of alternative energies that have been researched more than tidal energy. I think using hydrogen cells, solar, or fusion has more promise than tidal energy. It is just not the future.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • No, I do not think tidal energy is the answer to global warming because it is still a future technology.

    Tidal energy sounds great in theory, but that all it is really: a theory. What scientists have managed to make so far is horribly inefficient in energy production compared to the space taken up. While the research is still ongoing, what they have right now does not produce much power, can be harmful to local sea life and would take up a significant amount of space. The environmental impact may not be as high as building a dam, but tidal energy collectors would still be dumped somewhere and cause interference in a natural habitat.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Tidal energy should not be a major component of plans to fight global warming because the technology is not there to render this energy source efficient or dependable.

    Tidal energy should not be considered a major part of plans to combat global warming because there are major holes on the technology side of the equation that renders it ineffective in solving the climate situation. Domestically, we can't even figure out how to effectively implement the infrastructure on the ground to leverage solar and wind power capabilities. Imagine the trouble of figuring out the transport of tidal energy. It doesn't flesh out at this time and therefore should not be a significant component of the global warming fight.

    Posted by: SandDari

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